Winter Wondergeeks
Season Two, Episode ???

"It's Snowing!"

Air date  ???
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Blue had just woke up from his sleep. Then, he realizes it was a snowday. Blue thought it would be a great day but Red's about to destroy it all.


Blue: Ooooh.....

Blue Just woke up from sleep .

Blue: Huh? Why is it so white outside?


Blue: A snow day!? Yessss!!!

Red: Let's GO bitch!!!

Blue: Well let's bet who gets outside fi...

Red disappears

Blue: Red?

Blue Goes Outside

Blue: Red! Reeeeed!!! Where are you!?

Red: Make way sucker!!!

Blue: Huh? Re...

Red is seen riding a sleigh and runs over Blue

Red: Haha!!! Beat my wrath loser!!!

Blue : Damn!!!

Red : Hahahaha!!!

Blue: Watch out!!!

Red : Watch out for what? This sleigh can ram into a diamond wall!!

Blue: Not you!!! Those kids!!!

Lavender : Okay kids, its time to go in and eat. Stop making snow angels.

Kid 1 : Nyanyanyanyanya!!! We wanna make more Snow Angels!

Kid 2 : Yeah!! And make a land filled with snow angels!

Kid 3 : Yup!!! What he said!

Lavender : Oh you silly ki...

Blue : Sleigh!!! Sleigh!!!

Lavender : Huh?

Red's sleigh runs over the kids' head destroying their heads killing them

Lavender : Gaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!

Red : Woah... Din't see that coming!

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