When you see a turtle dragon
Written by Steffanyane
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Babysitting Fail



One day in Red and Blue's apartment...

Red: sup, beeetchhhhh!

Blue: (surprised) Huh? What!

Red: Wanna see a new videogame?

Blue: It's 3 in the morning, later.

Red: (not listening) it's a sequel of Fla---

A turtle dragon appears... Earl Grey at the back...

Earl Grey: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! so you saw the turtle dragon...

Red: You again?!

Earl Grey: Why, yes. I revived your little turtle dragon here with my little potions.

Blue: So... You're a wizard now?

Earl Grey: Science you idiot!

camera pans to Red, drinking beer, back to Blue and Earl Grey staring at Red <silence> back to Red

Red: What? I'm ain't giving no fuck!

Earl Grey: How dare you! I'll destroy the city! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Red: Oh, that's it! (in Batman costume) FOR JUSTICE!!! (flies away)

Blue: Do I have to?

Red: (screaming) YES!

Blue gets his costume and goes to the restroom...

Meanwhile in the city...

Batman: You will never get away for this!

Earl Grey: hmmm... but I already did! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

We see Earl Grey controlling the turtle dragon with his mind... The turtle dragon is stomping on the whole city and blowing fire, burning buildings, turning people to black and white

Batman: (sees the turle dragon stomping on bars) not the bars! (looks at Earl Grey) oh, no you didn't!

Bloser: I'm here, missed anything?

Batman: hmm... whatever. Now, let's kick his fucking ass!

Earl Grey: Let's just see about that! Butlers! Do my dirty work!

Batman and Bloser continue to kick the butlers' butts others were bured to death and others exploded by Batman. others were harmly bruised and crying butlers were by Bloser.

Bloser: I still got the prism if you still got the laser

Batman: (low voice) Bring. It. On.

(They started doing the rainbow laser again shot to Earl Grey, but he got a mirror and reflected the laser. Bloser also found a mirror and reflected it back to Earl Grey.)

Earl Grey: What?! Impossible! NOOOOOOOOO!!!

Earl Grey disappears...

Bloser: Yeah! we did it!

Batman: Now for the fucking dragon!!! (low voice) Catchphrase!

Batman got 2 swords out of nowhere he gave one to Bloser...

(They kill the turtle dragon with similar pictures in traffic jams with additional laser shooting.)

they are back to their apartment without their costumes playing the game Red told Blue about...

Red: Hell yeah! We can finally play the game!!!

Blue: I know, I'm so excited!

Game: 3... 2...


Blue: Oh shi--

-- episode ends --