The Search for the Big Boobs
Air date TBA
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Red comes to Blue and Trollz0r watching TV roasted. Blue reports there is a review of Modern Flame War 3, seeing Gamespot rated it 2.4, and IGN 2.8. Then popped up a news report about a breast made of 118 elements. Red goes crack crazy. Later, they find a temple guarded by the Ugly Fat Girl and some cops with scythe hands. Blue gives Red a Holy Hand Grenade. Red yells Hallelujah and throws the fabled Holy Hand Grenade at the guard killing them in one sitting. They walk inside the temple and found the jewel shaped like boobs. Then, the spirit of Stacy pops up from the jewel boobs and shoots lasers out of her boobs. Then, the temple and part of the planet again explodes. Luckily, the trio made it out safely!