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Written by HungryGrox
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So Kitty Amazing wasn't dead after he was smashed to a million pieces....


(Red And Blue are sitting on the couch watching the news)

Reporter:...And the death toll rises as more people have been found dead on the streets. Channel 2 has footage also of seems like a kid dying by a Cat's meow... Person One:Hey look a cat!


Blue:I thought we killed him!

(back to the footage..)

Kid:I'm gonna pet it.

Kitty Amazing:*Meows*



Kitty Amazing:*Meows*

Person One:ASDHKTHGJKJAJH (Recorder falls to the floor showing Kitty Amazing)

(Back To Red and Blue)

(Red and Blue with their mouths wide open...) Blue:Dude, we have to kill him.

Red:But how?

(Blue pulls out mirrors and guns from behind a curtain)

Red:*Gasps* Let's do this shit.

Red And Blue Load up and ready to kill while Red humms Nyan Cat*

(Red And Blue bust down their front door then runs down into the street)

(People Screaming and Wide-Spread Panic, Bulidings Fall, and People running into the sewers)

Random Person:OMG! THERE IT IS! RUN!!!!!!!!!!! (Even more Panic)

(Buliding Crashes)

Red And Blue:HOLY SHIT!

(Dust Settles)

Red:Get Ready!!

(Kitty Amazing just standing there)


Kitty Amazing:*Meows*

(Red keeps running while Blue actually was a coward and hides in a trash can)

Red:BLUE! Y U NO HELP MEH!? (With the Y U NO BLANK FACE) Blue:I don't wanna die fuck-tard!

Red:Okay then... (with the face)

-Blue hides with earmuffs and starts firing-

-Red running like a ass forgetting he had a gun-

Red:TAKE THIS YOU DEMON CAT! -Throws Frag- -Smoke- -Red runs for his life- -Blue hides into the trash can- -Out of nowhere, K.A appears in front of Red with a sign- -I want to be loved one last time.-

Red:Aw. That's it? You went through all this trouble just for a hug? -Romantic Music Plays- -Red Hugs The Cat.- -K.A, about to meow, but Red pulls out a mirror and he meows- -Turned back into stone.-


-(Everything Back To Normal)Park Music Plays- Blue:GO WIDE ASSHOLE!

Red:YEA YEA I"M GOING! Wait what?!


Red:Oh Sh-