Skrillex is an American "music" producer who specializes in making shitty dubstep and EDM for the sole purpose of getting rich off his white ass. He spends most of his time sitting behind his Macbook Pro in Logic Pro X, smacking the keys like a retarded sea lion in the hopeless effort to create actually listenable pieces of music.


Skrillex (real name Sonny Moore) was born on January 15, 1988, back when music still had a shred of credibility. He began his music career in a shitty emo rock band called From First to Last, which are still around for some ungodly reason. Then in 2010 he created the "My Name is Skrillex" EP, and it all went downhill from there.

Two Thousand and Ten

2010 is a year many might say was a pretty good one. The iPhone 4 and Droid Incredible were launched, paving the way for the smartphone boom, arguably one of the best cartoon series out right now was made, it was a good year. However, with the rise of Skrillex's "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" EP, music as we know it would be forever changed. Everybody would be hopping on the soulless EDM/pseudo-club/bro/dubstep train to make money, and every commercial, movie/game trailer, and box of cereal would be subjected to this horrendous, manufactured brand of shitty music, popularized by none other than Skrillex.


As stated previously, his "style" of "music" envolves him banging random keys on MIDI in Logic Pro (And I don't mean it in the sexual way). He'll spend countless days and even months doing this to please his mindless, arrogant fanbase largely made up of kids aged 8-12 who won't listen to anything else because kids these days are so fucking closed-minded and people like Skrillex like to exploit this and make their already hugeass stack of cash even bigger. Nearly everyone in America has become so fucking stupid that about 98.5% of all americans actually think Skrillex's work is original and worth listening to, in reality, Skrillex pretty much just copies and pastes the same "Wa wa wa waaaaa, wa wa wa waaaaa" sound into even single new song just at different pitches, tempos and notes, sorry Skrillex, but that's Activision's job.


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Skrillex hanging out with an actually talented music producer, deadmau5.

Skrillex 050312

Skrillex looking like a fucking moron on stage.

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