Shopper War
Air date 09-02-13
Written by Alpha-Lonewolf and YoshiRocker13
Directed by Alpha-Lonewolf
Location gun store
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Rapper and Wolf shop for the last grenade on sale even if it means all out war.


(Wolf is shopping at a weapon store)

Speaker: Attention all shoppers. The last plasma Grenade is on sale.

(Wolf sees Rapper from across the other side of the Grenade and narrows his eyes at him)

Rapper: Oh no you don't!

(Rapper & Wolf begin fighting)

(Wolf kicks Rapper in a stack of pistols)

(Rapper grabs a pistol and tries shooting Wolf)

(Wolf flips out of the way while people get shot in the line of fire. He then pulls out a minigun and fires back))

Rapper: Shit! (Dodges and fires his pistol)

Mr. Dingleberry: Meh, I'm glad to be in a place that can give me a sense of security. (Suddenly gets shot up) ARGH!

Wolf: Have a blast Crapper! (Pulls out an MK-19 and fires)

Rapper: (dodges) Think again Wolfy! (Shoots his mini-gun)

Wolf: I just did Citrus! (Pulls out a heavy tank and fires)

(Rapper sneaks behind the tank and causes it explode throwing Wolf into a wall)

Broseph: (Walks in store) this place is sweet. (Gets hit by the tank round)

(Rapper sneaks behind the tank and causes it explode throwing Wolf into a wall) 

Rapper: HAH! (Grabs grenade) 

Wolf: I guess I should raise my hand in surrender. (Raises hands to show Wolf press a button and a small beeping sound comes from under rapper to show a C-4 blow rapper away from the grenade)

Rapper: DAMN IT! (Fires rocket at Wolf and throws him in the air, Rapper grabs the grenade but Wolf falls on Rapper) Fuck!

Wolf: good thing I took those skydiving lessons

Rapper: Get off me you bastard!

Wolf: (hits the grenade away) That is mine! I saw it first!

Rapper: (growls) Fine! You win! Just take it! (gets up)

Lord Tourettes: Oh my, the last grenade. this must be my lucky day! 

(Rapper and Wolf look at each other and nods before aiming their guns to shoot the grenade)

Lord Tourettes: FUCK!!! (grenade blows up Lord Tourettes)

Wolf: truce?

Rapper: sure.

(both walk out the store)

Speaker: Attention all shoppers. Last nuke missile on sale now (Wolf and Rapper narrow their eyes at each other before running inside again)


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