Shock is the evil mastermind of thunder and lightning. Shock is one of the few evil masterminds and can use his powerful thunder to kill his target in one shock. Shock's hair looks like lightning. He has a brother named Magnos but mostly doesn't care about him, since he has different powers than Shock, and hates his appearance during Shock's fights.


Shock can use lightning to roast his target and completely burn his foes. Shock can also use tornadoes to swirl enemies closer to him. When Shock gets angry he uses his unstoppable thunder that can kill 3 people in one shot. However Shock's greatest power is his ultimate form which his eyes turn yellow and he unleashes a massive storm full of power. Shock is THAT powerful. (But not as powerful as Dark Doom, Jackal, and Saigron)

His weakness is anything related to fire, since he can also command water, he could easily get defeated by big piles of fire.

Voice Actor

Transformers - Megatron vs Starscream

Transformers - Megatron vs Starscream

Voice of Megatron in the old Transformers


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