Stealing some meat as usual.






Madelene ("mother"), Blue, Charlotte, Darla, Earl Grey, Lord Tourettes, Broseph, and Wednesday


Red, Wolf, and various men




The Meat Thief

Times Dead


Scarlet is a fictional character in the Dick Figures series. Despite her having a good life in the city she used to live in, she ran away for reasons unknown. For a few days, she lived in the Shit Piss Fart Woods, but then she was illegally adopted by Madelene and now lives with her at the cafe.

Even though she enjoys the meals at the cafe, she is more into meat and would go steal someone's meat for dinner.

She only washes herself once a week, which would explain why her hair is supposed to be very tangled.

She is a very quiet person. She actually hasn't spoken in years, ever since she ran away.

Social Life

Wednesday was the one who found Scarlet in the woods and brought her to the cafe because Scarlet was starving when she found her. While at the cafe, Charlotte (who works at the place) introduces her boss' daughter, Madelene, to them. Wednesday asked Madelene if she would like to have Scarlet as her kid, and being the motherly person she was, she accepted. Scarlet immediately started liking her. She even thought Madelene was a better kind of mom than her real mom.

She has a strong hatred towards Red, Blue, and almost every man in the city, for Red has killed Madelene once (by accident though) while he and a huge crowd of men tried to go destroy a box.

She recently met Darla and became friends with her. Scarlet likes to think of her friendship with Darla almost like Red and Blue's friendship, despite the fact she and Darla personalities are way different from Red and Blue's.


  • Because she is very quiet, people happen to mistaken her for a mute.
  • She likes to play with birds.


Scarlet's Theme

Regular Theme

Umineko BGM - 599 million ruins

Umineko BGM - 599 million ruins

Theme for when stealing meat

Sneaky Mischievous Instrumental Music ( Sweet Revenge )

Sneaky Mischievous Instrumental Music ( Sweet Revenge )