MePhone4 is a character in the Dick Figures universe. He's actually from Inanimate Insanity, where he's the host, but now he's in the Dick Figures universe. How did he get there, you ask? I don't fucking know! What do I look like, a genius?

About MePhone4

I know, there's no such thing as a MePhone, and that normal people call it an iPhone. But the people who made Inanimate Insanity didn't want Apple to sue the pants off of them, so they made him named MePhone4, rather than iPhone4.

Anyway, MePhone is actually Bill Cosby's dad. Yeah, it was some pretty wild sex. Don't tell Bill, though, unless you want him to shoot you with his laser eyes.

He likes hanging out with his squad, which consists of Bill Cosby, Squidward, and Sportacus. They all do really cool chiz together, like sneaking into G-rated movies, stealing Sesame Street DS games from GameStop, and combining Cheeto dust and Pixie Sticks and then snorting it to get really high.

MePhone likes watching WordWorld, Uncle Grandpa, Greeny Phatom, and Warriors AMVs on YouTube. He also is kind of obsessed with Slipknot. He has a shrine to them in his closet, and he goes in there and masturbates to their music for four hours every day.


  • He's the only member of the squad that's an object.
  • He orgasms when you touch his home button.
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