Magnos is a character from the series Dick Figures. He is a mastermind of magnetism and gravity. Magnos is also one of the few masterminds that can use incredibly powerful magnetic engergy. Magnos is also THIS powerful than Shock. He is also the older brother of Shock. His hair almost resemble of magnet.


  • Magnokinetic combat.
  • Magnet attacks.
  • Flight.
  • Levitation.
  • Immunity to fire and water.
  • Immunity of electricity.
  • Magnetic projectile.


  • Magnetism Manipulation.
  • Gravity.
  • Magnetic Force Field.
  • Magnetic Bullets.
  • Magnetic Infusion.
  • Attraction.
  • Magnetic Bolt Projection.
  • Repulsion.
  • Magnetic Bombs.
  • Reflective Attacks.
  • Magnetic Sword.
  • Missle Generation.
  • Magnetic Ball Projection.
  • Magnetic Beam Emission.


Magnetic Battle (Part 1)


  • Evil.
  • Cunning.
  • Mastermind of magnet energy.
  • Controls gravity.
  • Magnetic shield is immune to anything.
  • Shock's brother.
  • Less hot-tempered than his brother.
  • Repel any weapon.
  • Magnet Balls follow enemies movements.
  • Immune to electricity.
  • Creates magnetic clones.
  • Can escape from any trap.
  • Both arms can cause a magnetic storm.
  • Unleash massive amounts of magnetic energy when in ultamite form.
  • Eyes turn blue in ultamite form.
  • Grows stronger when more lightning is given.


Street Fighter x Tekken - M

Street Fighter x Tekken - M.Bison & Juri Story Line (Arcade)

Voice of M. Bison from Street Fighter vs. Tekken

Theme Music

Magnos' Theme

Modigs - Strike Back

Modigs - Strike Back


Battle and Ultimate Theme

HD Drumstep Kairo Kingdom - One Two (State of Mind Remix)

HD Drumstep Kairo Kingdom - One Two (State of Mind Remix)



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