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* She has way too many Ocs
* She has way too many Ocs
== Images ==
[[File:Lilac-0.png|thumb|221x221px|Full lavender]]
[[File:Lilac-0.png|thumb|221x221px|Full lavender]]
[[File:Lilac.png|thumb|220x220px|Her sheet]]
[[File:Lilac.png|thumb|220x220px|Her sheet]]

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Lilac is a fictional character in the Youtube series "Dick Figures." Lilac is a 17-year-old immature girl who is introverted and awkward. She enjoys hanging out with close friends and joke around.

Social Life

Lilac doesn't have many friends because she usually stays home and keeps to herself when she's in public places, however she usually has more internet friends.

When she is with friends, she likes to hang out with them and read and hang out, but online she chats with her online friends and posts on her Ramblr account.


  • She thinks of herself as "quirky" and "edgy" but in reality, she is too afraid to get ketchup packets at a restaurant
  • She has tons of weird interests and kinks (but shhh)
  • Her roleplays are quite, "interesting"
  • She likes vaporwave more than lofi
  • She has way too many Ocs

Full lavender


Her sheet

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