Le Petit Tourette
"Here. These are Drugs"
Air date TBA
Written by LordTourettes00
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Drunk Night

Family Affair

 Lord Tourettes gets put on drugs to stop his violent, random swearing. Meanwhile, Blue tries to fight Red's addiction to Burritos.


(It is late at night. Blue and Purple are walking down the street, beer bottles in hand. Blue looks up into the dark sky)

Blue: Nice Night.

Purple: (Looks up) Yeah.

Blue: Shame Red couldn't come.

Purple: Why couldn't he?

Blue: Remember? He got into some trouble with the Cops after drinking four kegs of beer.

Purple: Oh yeah. He was so stoned.

(They stop as they see a familiar green figure wearing a hat being thrown out of a club by a tough bouncer)

Bouncer: I warned you. NO SWEARING! And you ignored it!

Green Figure: Well FUCK you ASSHOLE!

(The Figure is revealed to be Lord Tourettes)

Blue: (Rushing Over) Oh my god! Lord Tourettes, are you OK?

Lord Tourettes: I'm fine. It's just that TWAT was being such a DOUCHE BAG!

Purple: Did he kick you out because of your swearing?

Lord Tourettes: Yes. (Sighs and looks depressed) This is the fifth club i've been kicked out of this month. (Now angry) I BLOODY hate Tourette's Syndrome! I hate it so FUCKING much! I wish there was a drug that could somehow stop it!

Purple: There is. Doctors invented it a couple years back.

LT: Awesome!

(Time Lapse)

(Lord Tourettes, Blue and Red are in a medical room with a grey doctor)

Doctor: So, sir. I understand you want to cure your Tourette's.

LT: Yes! I hate it so FUCKING much!

Doctor: Ok. Here are some drugs. (Hands LT a medication pot) Take these once a day and you should be fine.

LT: Aha! Thank you so much! (Takes a pill from the pot and swallows it)

Red: How do you feel?

LT: Much Better!

Doctor: Do you feel like spazzing out and swearing profusely?

LT: No! (Giggles)

Doctor: Perfect!

(Time Lapse)

(Red, Blue and LT are outside the apartment block)

Red: So, you sure you are going to be OK?

LT: Yes. I feel as good as a fluffy wuffy sheep in a field of long, delicious grass!

Blue: Alright. Ring us if there is any problem.


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