Jackson is always mad for no reason. Sometimes, he can be calm, but back in his day was bad. Jackson is a hard demon that has a lot of energy from anger. He can beat the town! Somehow, Tucker is his best friend because of the same darkness. The symbol on his body is like a cutie mark, but not. It shows how mad, dangerous, powerful he is. His look scares people away, and they don't hurt him. The government is even looking for him, as well as Tucker. They put every camera on the streets, store, forests, woods (A lot in the woods), people's houses, and some other. They also want to discover his ability and powerfulness.Sometime, his symbol will be faded into his body and if he use his dark form, the symbol come back.

Back Then

He was a normal kid, not really. He was always a troublemaker with some kids. He was always mad and pissed at the same time. He didn't know why he was a demon but he enjoyed being one and destroying things. He was the rough kid around. He has sharp teeth, claws, and other things. He really don't know why the fuck he has a tail, cat ears, and claws. He didn't know the symbol that was on his cheeks, tail and lightning hair. After he discovered it, it was his symbol that show what he is.

Sometime, he can try to stop, but it's hard. Later on, he started to love scarring people, eating their flesh, and killing them. But mostly spending time with Tucker.


Sadly, his power and ability are unknown. So, people are upset. The government is still discovering his power and other things. Jackson is continuing to see another ability and get a new one. That when Tucker come in. Tucker helps Jackson with the job.


He is a best friend to him, they do video and post them online. They hang out sometime but not mostly because Jackson and his job which annoy him a lot, but get help from Tucker. Jackson also know that Tucker have feeling for Heather also. They also live in a house together and have pet which a mostly cat.

Jackson love Mari like Tucker love Heather, but Mari notice so she play cool and hope nothing stupid and dumb happen. Jackson know that Mari doesn't have a happiness and hope to find it and never get destroy. Jackson care for Mari really much like Tucker.

Heather is not a demon, but a friend who make Jackson laugh and smile. Jackson don't talk much to Heather because they have nothing about them same. Later on, they never talk and saw each other sadly.

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