"What did the homeless guy get for Christmas? Very hungry."


Dead inside.


Red, Emily, Blue, Wolf, HungryGrox


Doesn't really have any, he's pretty neutral most of the time.


Gaming, being lazy, drawing, killing innocent people

People Murdered:

Probably a whole fuckin' lot. Look at those eyes.

Jack is a fictional character from the YouTube series, "Dick Figures". He stays at Red and Blue's place, except he wasn't even invited to stay there. He just decided to crash at their place all the time. He's also Emily's brother. Due to all the shit he's seen, he's basically dead inside which is why nobody hangs out with him.

Social Life

Jack really doesn't get out all that often, but when he does, it usually ends in him getting chased by the cops or him getting beat up by a gang or something. Red and Blue have dealt with his shit for so long now that they just don't even care and let him stay at their place. He and Emily do crazy shit all the time, like terrorizing the shoppers at Maulmart or ding-dong ditching houses. Wolf taught Jack a lot about fighting and combat, which is partly why he's dead inside.

"Jack, do you ever stop to think that you could be hurting people with your fighting and all that shit?"


"I just don't give a fuck."