If Dick Figures Had Color
If Dick Figures Had Color
"Color Power!"
Air date February 23, 2014.
Written by YoshiRocker13, Ionixmusic, Mdkid663
Directed by YoshiRocker13
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Dick Figures has mostly had grey backgrounds and non-colored characters right? Well that's about to change. When Red presses a mysterious red button, the whole world turns colorful, let's see how our DF characters can live with it.



(Red, Blue, Rapper, Ryle, Spark were in a bar, Oboes walks in to find Spark)

Red: Bros, bros, we should go at that SWEEEET party with booze and boobs.

Blue: (face palms) Not this time Red.

Spark: (blushes)' Umm, hey Oboes

Rapper: (notices Spark's blush) Don't go cheatin' on Jess. (laughs)

Oboes: Trust me Rapper, we're not dating,

Spark: (snaps) Yeah Rap.

Blue: Oh god Red, not again!

(Red stares at Oboes' boobs)

Ryle: (face palms) Every fucking time...

Oboes: Excuse me, sir. Can you stop looking at my breasts?

Blue: Come on dude, away from the girl's breasts?

Red: (grumbles) Hey what's that!? (notices a red button)

Blue: Red! Don't touch that! Haven't you heard of DON'T push the red button!?

Ryle: Yeah dumbass.

Red: Shut your whore mouth! Do I see a sign that says that?

Blue: Uhh, n-

Red: Well then it's okay!

(as soon as Red presses the button, it starts to shine brightly causing everyone to shield their eyes)

Oboes: Red, you fucking idiot!

Damon: I knew this was gonna happen.

(the shine makes the screen go white, seconds later Red wakes up)

Red: Ow, my head... (looks around) What the fuck happened here?

Oboes: Why are my boobs pink now?

Red: What the?! (long gasp) What happened to me!?

Ryle: Why the fuck is my hair black!?

Blue: My whole face is blue! RED!

Red: What!? SHIIIT! Oboes your boobs look more sexy with pink! (touches her boobs and snuggles against them)

Oboes: HEY! (She swings her leg across his back, and smacks him to the ground.) No one touches my boobs without my permission!

Red: Still worth it.

(Oboes disappears into a cloud of smoke.)

Blue: Red! You made this problem now YOU have to fix it!

Red: Alright alright! (presses the red button again but nothing happens) Nope.

(Damon pulls out his desert eagle and shoots Red in the knee and leg)


Damon: For doing something completely stupid.

Blue: But how are we going to fix it?

Computer from Button: Color will reset to normal in, 24 Hours.

Ryle: You have to be fucking kidding.

Blue: Well at least it's only one day.

Ryle: (sighs) Fine.

(Blue walks home)

Pink: Blue? What's going on!? Why is everything so colourful?

Blink: What's color?:

Blue: (sighs) Long story guys. But we have to stay like this for 24 hours.

Pink: Okay...

(Jess was in the park)

Jess: Why is everything so colourful?

Spark: (walking at the park) At least Jess isn't seeing this.


Spark: (quietly) I stand corrected.

Jess: Spark! May I ask why everything is so colourful!? My head and hair is coloured in and so is the rest of the world!

Spark: (sighs) Your not gonna like this.


Jess: WHAT!?

Spark: I know, retarded isn't it.

Jess: Well, I guess it isn't THAT bad...

Spark: Yeah, your right.

(shows Lord Tourettes jumping around in joy)

Lord Tourettes: It's so FUCKING beautiful! I could just FUCK with it all day!

Lady Tourettes: (confused) What?

Lord Tourettes: Oh, Uhh, color is so FUCKING beautiful! How did this happen?

Lady Tourettes: No and I don't FUCKING want to know.

Lord Tourettes: Okay FUCK FACE!!!

Lady Tourettes: (sighs and walks away)

(shows Broseph with a grey face)

Broseph: Aw come on bro!? No color for me?

Girl #1: Uncool dude.

Girl #2: Yeah, let's go. (walks away)

Earl Grey: (horrified) WHAT IS THIS!?!

Gerald Butler: (sighs) What is it now master?


Gerald Butler: Oh relax sir it's just col-

(Earl Grey points his sword to Gerald Butler)


Gerald Butler: (face palms) For fuck sake Earl...

(Earl Grey flies above the city)

Earl Grey: No matter, I'll STILL go with my plan to turn everything black and white! (begins throwing bombs across the city)

(back with Red and Blue)

Red: (dancing with girls) This is more sexier than I thought!

Blue: Well, we've only got 13 more hours left...

(they hear screams and explosions)

Red: My bat senses are tingling.

Blue: I can hear it too dumbass.

Red: I'M BATMAN! (flies out the bar)

Blue: And the Bloser! (flies away)

Batman: The fuck?! Since when could you fly?!

Bloser: Professor Stick gave me some flying powers at the S.H.H.

Batman: Whatever, I'm still awesome.

Earl Grey: Well, well, well. If it isn't Butt-man and the Blo-suck.

Batman: (laughs) It's funny 'cause it's true!

Bloser: SHUT UP!

Earl Grey: But it sure will be an unfair fight if both of you fought me. BUTLER! Get in here!

(Gerald Butler walks in)

Gerald Butler: (annoyed) Yes boss?

Earl Grey: I want you to eliminate the blue one! The red one is MINE!

Gerald Butler: (pulls his gun out) Very well sir.

(Blue and Gerald Butler begin fighting each other)

Batman: Time to delete this error!

(Batman pulls a sword out and flies up to Earl Grey)

Earl Grey: (slashes Red's sword) HAH! I came prepared fool!

Batman: (fires a laser out of his hand) So did I!

Earl Grey: Shit.

Gerald Butler: Prepare to taste fury blue one!

Bloser: (sighs) For fuck sake. (uses his emo ray) Your parents sold you to an orphanage when you were young!

Gerald Butler: (cries) Aaah shit! (blows up)

Bloser: Too easy.

(Batman shoots several lasers at Earl Grey, disolving him)

Earl Grey: Wh- What's happening to me?!

Batman: I know that robots hate fire. AND lasers!

Earl Grey: Noooooo.... (dies)

Batman: That should do it.

Bloser: We did it!

Batman: Eesh, don't get too excited. You stay a grumpy old bastard.

Bloser: Whatever. (flies away)

Batman: I'm gonna go party with some colored girls. (flies away)




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