Fucked in the Past
Back to the Past 2
We're fucked!
Air date 10/9/2013
Written by YoshiRocker13, Alpha-Lonewolf
Directed by YoshiRocker13
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 Our favourite idiots are about to mess up the past. Especially if one of them happens to be Fifi



(Red & Rapper are inside a bar both drinking beer and being bored)

Rapper: Fuck, I'm so bored.

Red: this time sucks let's go somewhere else

Steve: (walks inside) Well I might as well get some beer before I bring these cookies to-

Fifi: (Tackle Steve for the cookies) COOKIES!!!

Steve: Augh get off me!

(Red & Rapper start laughing at Steve)

Rapper: Way to go shit head!

Fifi: (eats cookies) part of a balanced pillow

(Red & Rapper spot bright light in the back of the bar)

Red: pretty light.

(The Bartender pushes a machine out preparing to push it out the bar until Rapper stops him)

Rapper: Just what you doing with that bro?

Bartender: This time machine has to go. I should have never bought it from that brown guy.

Red: how about we take it off your hands bar keep?

Bartender: (thinks) Fine. But that'll cost you $50.

Rapper: (pays him money) Thanks now fuck off.

Bartender: But whatever you do, don't go to the past and-

Rapper: Too late! (travels to the past with Red)

Red: (sings) going to the past oh yeah!

Fifi: HEY! look at that kid! (runs up and starts hugging Rapper)

Rapper: Oh god It's Fifi as a kid.

Fifi: Ginger dad man!

(Red starts laughing at Rapper)

Rapper: Cut it out! I'm not your ginger dad!

Fifi: Oreo papa!

(red laughs even more)

Rapper: SHUT UP!!!

Fifi: Waffer cookie daddy!

Red: (laughs hard) i can't breathe!

(Rapper throws a cookie near the school and Fifi chases after it, right at that moment Rapper uses the time machine with Red and transports further forward to a high school)

Red: aw man. I should have recorded that.

(a teenage Fifi skips out the high school)

Fifi: ANIMAL COOKIE MAN! (jumps on Rappers back)

Rapper: GOD DAMN IT!!!

(Rapper tries to get Fifi off his back but ends up taking him, Red & Fifi back to the present where the present Fifi still eats her cookies.)

Teen Fifi: MY COOKIE!

Fifi: My cookie!

(both fifi's fight for the cookies)

Rapper: Damn I'd love to see a Fifi fight

Red: (laughs more) Good thing I got that on camera.

young Fifi: (climbs on Red) HI CRAZY MAN!!!

Red: AUGH!!! What the fuck?!

Rapper: Aah! How did the young Fifi get here!

Young Fifi: I ate a hippo and made a wish to hide in your underwear!

Rapper: Great! THREE FIFIS!!! Wolf is going to kill me!

Fifi: WOLFY!!!

Young Fifi: who's Wolfy?

Teen Fifi: a puppy?

Fifi: He's our Taco!

All Fifis: WE HAVE A TACO!

(Fifi runs off to find Wolf while the other two follow)

Red: Wolf is gonna torture you for life.

Rapper: Shit.

(shows Wolf walking down the street)

Wolf: Why do I have the sudden urge to torture Rapper for life?

(all three Fifis jump out of nowhere and onto Wolf)


Young Fifi: I think I like Wolfy!

Teen Fifi: I love Wolfy!

Fifi: Wolfy is my taco Forever!

Wolf: RapPERRRRR!!!

Rapper: (peeks from behind a wall) Shit. How did he know it was me? Better get ready for a defense.


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