Foxy Boobs
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Sexy power


Sexy Flesh




Sexy Laser

Her main use of her kind of weapon is right infront of her. Her boobs are used a lot for different reasons such as recon, stealth and full out combat. Her outward looks are a perfect deception to her enemies to give her the chance to put her boobs to use.

Boob Facts

She mostly uses it to stun and then blast away with a powerful laser blast. But she also uses this weapon to either confuse, charm, or daze a person by shaking or squeezing them infront of her male or lesbian victims. For stealth she simply suffucates her victim by smothering them in her breast which both stuns them and takes their breath away physicaly and figuratively. For recon she uses them to make her victim's mind unaware of what answers they give her. For Full combat she uses their full power to vaporize her opponents in a bright blazing light of sexiness.

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