Escape the Prison
Air date 2014
Written by Stick775 and HungryGrox
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Since of the war that made the town destroyed, Red is stuck in prison. He needs help to get out.


Red: I wonder why I'm in prison while I didn't started the war!

(Two policemen come to his cell)

Policeman #1: Red your getting out of prison.

(Red is now having a :D face at them)

Policeman #1: Haha I'm get kiddin'. But you have a package.

(A yellow package is in his cell)

Policeman #1: Don't get your hypes up we checked if there's snacks. Didn't we?

Policeman #2: Yup it's comic books and toy guns.

(Red is opening the box but there's none of the things they said but a cake)

Red: Teh fuck!?

(Red trys to eat the cake but the top reveals a drill)

Red: Wow. That's what I need but how to escape this fucking jail? Hmm...

(Red puts the Drill and pulls the power line)

Red: Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaa--

(Red falls for a long time until he ends up in a bathroom where there's a opacitor and a crowbar near a vent)

Red: Fuck I'm stuck!

(Footsteps are getting near the bathroom)

Red: Shit!

(Red uses the crowbar to go inside the vent)

Red: I'm almost there!

(Red crawls longer in the vent but falls in a gap in the vent)

Red: Ahhhhhhhhh-- (Hits ground)

(Red is seen with two policemen thinking he is the janitor)

Red: WTF! (Runs away)

(An extremely long running happens. First Red is being fired at with M4A1 bullets)

Red: Shit, I got hit!

(near the end Red misses a column by a hands length and backflips over one of the Policemen but the guard carrying a AK-74 is there)

Red: Fuck!

Guard: I don't know you but you are not gettin' thorough.

(The cowboy theme plays within the background while Red and the guard get ready)

Guard: Fuck you! (Shoots at Red)

(Red is dodging a HUGE trail of ammo and get one of the bullets, when the guard stops shooting, Red flings it back and breaks the AK-74)

Red: (Fuck Yea face) Fuck yea.

(All the policemen are in shock and they let him go home.)


The episode is a parody of a game of the same name on Newgrounds.