Emily is a fictional character in the Youtube series "Dick Figures." Emily is crazy and a bit annoying; there is some debating about who is more annoying, her or Fifi. She does many annoying & bad things, like taking her clothes off or pissing on people.

Social Life

Emily is friends with Red and Blue. She hangs out with Red and does bad things (like murdering people and breaking things), but sometimes the bad things she does gets her in trouble with Blue.

Emily hangs out with Wolf even though he sometimes plays pranks on her, upsets her, and hurts her. Blue doesn't let Emily hang out with Wolf, so she does it behind Blue's back, only to have Wolf tell on her later on.

Like Wednesday, Emily has a crush on Broseph, making her and Wednesday love rivals who fight over Broseph. She is enemies with Earl Grey since he's evil, and terrified of Twisted since he sometimes rapes her.

In The True Girlfriend, Emily still wanted to be with Broseph but he realised that he couldn't date or even marry an underage. She then attacked Wednesday during her date with Broseph but was stopped by Darla. Broseph then confirmed Wednesday was his true girlfriend. But Blue got a Broseph clone from Prof Stick to be with Emily.

Emily dislikes Darla, because in The True Girlfriend, Darla laughed at her for being too young for Broseph, causing Emily to attack her. However, Darla did make a smaller clone of Broseph for Emily (but only because Pink made her).


  • "That's what she said."
  • "Shut up."
  • "NO!!!! Not my groom!!!"


  • Emily has a dirty mind. She sometimes makes "That's What She Said" jokes.
  • Emily is protective of Broseph, and she will get upset if anyone hurts or kills him.
  • Emily likes Hawaiian Punch.
  • Emily is a bit like Red, because:
    • She likes pizza, burritos, and Chow Mein.
    • She is somehow unable to get petrified by Kitty Amazing.
    • She can float.
    • The trouble she gets into makes Blue rage.
    • She thinks classical music sounds like unicorn barf, meaning she prefers electronic, techno, and pop instead.
  • Emily will sometimes bite people.
  • Emily sometimes uses "puppy eyes," where she looks at people using cute, innocent eyes. She uses it as an attempt to get what she wants, or just because she feels like it. Sometimes it kills people.


Chowder tries to hurt Panini

Chowder tries to hurt Panini

The same as that of Panini from "Chowder."


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