Drunk Night
Air date 05/07/12
Written by LordTourettes00
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 Red takes Blue, Pink and Stacy on a booze cruise around town, resulting in some interesting events. If you know what I mean.


(Red, Blue, Pink and Stacy are walking down a street full of bars and clubs. Stacy looks drunk already; Pink looks unhappy; Red seems happy and Blue looks unhappy too)

Blue: Red, where the hell are we going?

Pink: I don't like this area, Blue. It looks rough!

Stacy: Shut Up! Lets Party! WOOO! (Runs into a club. Red, Blue and, reluctently, Pink, follow)

(Inside the club, there are several pole dancers, loud music playing, with The Raccoon the DJ, and everyone with extensive alcohol)

Red: Blue, have this! (Thrusts two bottles of Vodka into his hands)

Pink: Well, if it's on the house... (Grabs a bottle and drinks some)

Blue: Pink, I thought you used to be an alcoholic?

Pink: Meh. One bit won't matter.

(Cue Card: 1 HOUR LATER)

('Bath Rhymes' is playing. Stacy and a drunk Pink are dancing next to a pole. Red and Blue are both very drunk too. Stacy takes a swig from a vodka bottle.)


Blue: I haven't *hick* had this much fun in *hick* ages!

(A girl comes over and grabs a bottle off Red)

Red: What you doin Bitch?

Girl: (Matter Of Factly) Gettin a drink!


(Red and the random girl start making out. Pink comes over)

Pink: (Stammering) Blue. This is, this is the be... best night EVER! (Starts kissing Blue)

Red: Everyone! With Me!

(Red, the random girl, Blue, Pink, Stacy and two other girls run up some stairs and into a bedroom. Inside, Blue and Pink start making out while Red, Stacy and the three strippers do the same)


(A hungover Blue wakes up in bed with Pink asleep next to him. There is a stripper in the bed with thier arms around Pink. On the other bed, Red, Stacy and two of the strippers are in a massive pile)

Blue: (Groans) What the hell happened?

Red: (Wakes Up and groans too) God. I must have got hammered last night (Laughs)

Pink: (Wakes Up and groans) I can't remember what happened last night.

Red: I do! (Jumps up and grabs a camera) I filmed everything last night. Let's Watch!

(Cue Card: 1 HOUR LATER)

(Blue, Pink, Red and Stacy are looking at the camera. Red and Stacy look fine; Pink and Blue look shocked)

Pink: I had sex with one of those strippers?

Blue: I had sex with you? Wow. I just lost my virginity and I can't remember it.

Red: You'll remember when the alcohol wears off. Thats Booze for you!

Pink: Oh my God. (Groans)

Red: Oh, Blue. You didn't wear a condom.


Blue & Pink: (At the same time) OH FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU.......

(Episode Ends)


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