Dick Figures: Fanons Unite - Clip 1
DFFU Clip 11
Air date 31/10/2013
Written by YoshiRocker13 and Mdkid663
Directed by YoshiRocker13
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Dick Figures: Fanons Unite

Dick Figures: Fanons Unite - Clip 2

 The first clip for Dick Figures: Fanons Unite is here! Spark battles Shock for the first time in this epic war to save the world from Saigron.



Shock: (shoots lightning at MB as she dodges)

Midnight Blaze: Yo! What’s up with you?

Spark: (to Shock) Hey! Asshole!

Shock: DON'T TALK SHIT! (shoots lightning bolt at Spark)

(Spark deflects the lightning bolt with his guitar)

(they float up in the sky and continue fighting. A scream is heard off-screen.)

Midnight Blaze: (gasps in shock and concern) Kari-chan! (runs off)

(Shock makes a tornado and lures it to Spark)

(Spark makes his own tornado to lures it to Shock's)

(the tornados let out strong wind blowing the two away)

Shock: You can't copy my moves and attacks! (makes giant thunderstorm)

Spark: Really because I think I can! (makes giant lightning strike)

Shock: (shoots purple lightning at Spark)

Spark: (shoots blue lightning at Shock)

(Shock hurls into an electric ball and shoots it at Spark)

(Spark deflects the electric ball with his guitar)

(Shock uses lightning from the sky to shoot at Spark)

(Spark dodges the lightning from Shock and charges at him with supersonic speed as he powers his guitar
with enough electric energy to smash Shock to the ground leaving explosive smoke)

Spark: Don't even try hurting her!

Shock: (grumbles angrily) I AM NOT LOSING A FIGHT! (floats into the sky as he eyes turn yellow.
He then unleashes a thunder storm and shoots it at Spark)

(Before the lightning could touch Spark. The clip ends)


Nick Keller - Paris Pursuit (Dick Figures The Movie Soundtrack)

Nick Keller - Paris Pursuit (Dick Figures The Movie Soundtrack)

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