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Chapter 1: Fanons Born

(the camera spins around Space)

Narrator: Now it's time for another story for our Stick Figures. This time with Killers, Romance, Friendship and Evil Demons. Once again taking place on a planet called Earth.

(the camera cuts to Earth, it zooms in on it and then fades to white, popping up again now showing an elementary school. Then a school bus with Mr. Dingleberry as the bus driver parks near the school. Several Fanon characters come out of the bus one by one as kids )

Steve: First again!

Rapper: You always were loser!

Holly: I hope there's some interesting boys here!

Rapper: Everyone is such a loser! (laughs)

Fox: (pushes over Rapper) Hey shut up!

Bruce: He's always a meanie.

(shows Wolf at the bus door looking nervous and lonely. Fox looks back at him and smiles. Wolf quickly looks away)

Mr. Dingleberry: Hurry up and get out little kid! I'm late for a rave!

(Wolf hops out of the bus and sadly walks to the school but gets tripped over by a bully)

Bully: Haha! Newbie!

(Fox watches from behind and worries. time lapse, shows Rapper talking to Bruce)

Bruce: How long are you going to keep this up!?

Rapper: Until I leave this shitty place!

Bruce: (angry) Come on and stop! Please! I'm your best friend!

Rapper: (pushes Bruce over) Whatever!

(time lapse, shows Rapper at the cafeteria stealing lunch money from a kid)

Kid: (sad) Hey! Give me my money back!

Rapper: Beat it shit head! (punches the kid and he runs away crying)


(time lapse, Rapper is sitting next to Bruce talking to the principal)

Principal: Now attention Rapper! This black child here has complained to me that you have been bullying kids here for many years.

Rapper: (nervous) Uh I don't know what your talking about.

Principal: (angry) Rapper!! You do NOT lie to me! You must understand that bullying is a big problem for kids so you have to stop! If I catch you bullying again you will do community service for all of school!

Rapper: (shocked) What!? But I HATE doing that!

Principal: UNDERSTOOD?

Rapper: (pissed) Understood.

(time lapse, Rapper & Bruce walk out of the Principal's office)

Rapper: (angry) Why would you tell the principal on me!? I thought you were my friend!

Bruce: I am but you've been bullying me too and I just hate it! At least be nice to ME!

Rapper: Ugh! FINE! I'm sorry I've been bullying you!

Bruce: Cool.

Rapper: Come on. Let's go get lunch!

(Now it shows Wolf walking down the hallway feeling lonely as other kids make fun of him. Fox sees Wolf)

Fox: Hey! It's that kid from before!

Stacy: What kid?

Fox: That one who always looks so sad.

Stacy: (looks at Wolf) He looks cute.

Fox: I wonder why he looks so lonely and sad.

Stacy: Let's follow him.

Fox: Stacy, that doesn't sound like a good idea.

Stacy: Oh come on girlfriend, live a little.

(Fox and Stacy follow Wolf outside for recess. Wolf heads to the fence near the trees and sits against the fence)

Fox: (peeks from behind a bush) Is this what he does everyday?

Stacy: Maybe he's really shy. (eats a pixie stix)

Fox: I'll try to talk to him after school.

Stacy: Whatever you want bitch buddy.

(Now it shows Steve talking to Red & Blue)

Red: Aah I love school!

Steve: And don't forget what we DON'T do in this awesome bros group! NEVER HANG OUT WITH GIRLS!

Red: Unlike SOMEONE I know!

Blue: (blushes) What? I haven't been talking to that pink girl!

Steve: Alright guys I'll be back!

(Steve walks down the hallway and bumps into Holly)

Steve: Oh uh sorry.

Holly: It's alright.

Steve: Hmm. Are you new here?

Holly: No. I came here last year.

Steve: (blushes) Wow. Interesting.

Holly: (nervously laughs)

Steve: So do you want to-


Steve: Oh uh hi Red!

Holly: Oh uh.

(suddenly 3 girls appear behind Holly)

Girl 1: Hey Holly! Who's this lovebird?

Holly: Quit it!

Girl 2: So you like boys huh? (hits Holly)

Holly: Hey stop it!

Girl 3: You KNOW we don't hang out with boys and now you are!? Not cool! (hits Holly)

Holly: (begins to cry) Hey! Why can't I be friends with him?

Girl 2: Because boys are LAME! And your lame if you start hanging out with him!

Holly: (sobs) Stop it!

(3 girls laugh but Steve hits one of them)

Steve: (holding a bat) Back off you 3 bitches!

Girl 1: Aah! We were only joking! (3 run off)

Holly: (amazed) Wow. Thank you! (hugs Steve)

Blue: (cries) That's so touching!

Red: (rolls eyes) Whatever! I'm going to steal some lunch money.

(time lapse, It's the end of school and everyone walks out of the school. Wolf is seen walking alone when Broseph runs into him)

Broseph: Well well well, what do we have here? Another noob?

Bully 1: He looks so wimpy.

Broseph: So tell me newbie? You new here?

(Wolf doesn't say anything because he's too scared to speak)

Broseph: Not talking huh? Well the reason we're about to beat you is because you owe us lunch money!

Bully 2: Get him!

(The 3 bullies begin to beat up Wolf as he starts to cry while Broseph laughs. Fox sees what's going on and gets angry. She walks up to Broseph and kicks him in the crotch)

Broseph: (painful) GAAH! MY BALLS!!!


(Fox then fights off the four bullies and helps Wolf up)

Stacy: Wow I never knew we could touch a boy's crotch. I got to try that some time.

Fox: Knock it off Stacy. (looks at Wolf) Are you okay? (Wolf looks away and doesn't speak) Are you hurt? (Wolf is still unresponsive)

Stacy: Would you like me to kiss your boo boo?

(Wolf shakes his head and backs away)

Fox: Don't worry she's just kidding right Stacy?

Stacy: Yeah sure, for now.

Fox: How would you like to hang out with us? (Wolf looks down and shakes his head) It's alright, we don't bite. We'll make sure no one hurts or makes fun of you. (Fox grabs Wolf's hand. Wolf is still uneasy about this) Come on, let's go play on the swings and then we'll play tag.

Wolf: (small voice) okay.

Fox: Looks like I have a lot of work to do to make you happy.

Stacy: How about leting me make him happy.

(Wolf shakes his head nervously and makes Stacy and Fox laugh)

(shows Red & Blue walking home from school with Rapper & Bruce)

Red: I think I liked it better when you were a bully.

Rapper: Who knows. Maybe I'll be a bully in the future.

Blue: Alright guys I'll see ya later. (hops on a school bus)

Bruce: Yup I think I'll keep on going from here.

Red: (hops on the school bus) See ya guys!

Rapper: See ya!

(as soon as the bus leaves Rapper proceeds to beat up Broseph

Rapper: I love being me.

(Shows Fox, Stacy and Wolf walking home from school. Wolf was still shy and not speaking much)

Stacy: I think we made some boys jealous by hanging out with Wolf. (Hugs Wolf as he blushes and stiffens a bit)

Fox: Well we both are one of the most popular girls in school.

Stacy: How does it feel to have two girls hanging out with you big boy?

Wolf: (blushing and speaks in a small voice) It was okay, I guess.

Stacy: (hugs Wolf even more) Oh my God you are so cute.

Fox: Leave him alone Stacy, you're making him nervous.

Stacy: I think I may have a new boyfriend.

Fox: (pulls Wolf away) Don't mind her, she likes having a lot of boyfriends.

Wolf: (nods) Okay.

Fox: (rolls eyes) Come on Wolf, you don't need to be so scared. Think of me like a sister. I won't let anything happen to you. (Wolf stops) Why are you stopping?

Wolf: (Looks towards an orphanage) This is my home.

(Fox and Stacy were surprised with this knowledge of Wolf)

Stacy: Like, what happened to your parents?

(Wolf looked down and shrugged)

Fox: That's it, we are going to be friends forever no matter what.

(as the camera fades to white, it shows the characters growing up throughout the years. Showing Auburn as a teenager walking through the school and bumps into a girl who is revealed to be Indigo as a teenager. She blushes and picks her books up while Auburn helps her. Then shows Rapper and Bruce in high school. Rapper pokes his tongue at Bruce and Bruce attacks Rapper. It finally shows Fox, Auburn, Holly, Indigo, Charlotte, and Madelene graduating from College)

Chapter 2: Saigron's Return

(then cuts to the present day, where Steve walks by holding a red box)

Steve: Come on Steve. Just do it! Just ask Holly to marry you! (sighs)

Holly: Hey Steve, what's up?

Steve: N- not alot.

Holly: What do you want sweetie?

Steve: Um, I was asking if you wanted to um-

(loud party music is heard)

Holly: What the hell is that noise!?

(cuts to a party club with Red and Wolf partying inside)

Wolf: Trust me. I've done this a million times (holds a knife aimed at a girl with a apple above her head)

Red: (lies on the ground) Haha. Wonderland..

(Wolf (now drunk) lies next to Red)

Wolf: Hey, hey Red guess what?

Red: What?

Wolf: (Speaks in a hush tone) The ceiling is staring at me...and it has lovely eyes.

Red: So beautiful...

Steve: That was totally interupting.

Holly: Yeah. Oh I should probably get going. I have to go see my sister.

Steve: You have a sister?

Holly: Yeah, I do. See ya! Love ya! (walks away)

Steve: Love you too! Damn. I ruined my chances.

Broseph: (holds a red box) Dude! When Wednesday sees this, she'll totally say yes!

Maroon: (angrily flips off Broseph) You get all the fun! (stomps away)

(Emily glares at Broseph)

Broseph Clone: Something wrong bacon?

Emily: (notices Broseph clone) What? Oh, uh... No.

Broseph Clone: Yeah, I see. (wraps his arm around Emily)

(Emily scooches onto Broseph clone's lap while still hugging him)

(Bruce is seen behind a wall preparing to kill Rapper)

Bruce: This time, he's all mine.

Rapper: Hm?

(Bruce hides)

Rapper: Kids. (walks away)

Bruce: (prepares to shoot Rapper when suddenly Fifi interupts)

Fifi: Hi Moosey!

Bruce: Fifi!? The fuck!? (Bruce is shot in the head)

Rapper: Yup. Typical loser. Always failing. (walks away)


Fifi: (sings) Brucy, Brucy what do i see? I see ketchup looking at me.

Bruce: So Fifi, (blushes) There's something I really want to ask you.

Fifi: Two plus two is pie!

Bruce: Actually, I was asking if you wanted to be my- Burrito?

Fifi: But I'm Wolfy's burrito.

Bruce: (sighs) I understand.

(Fifi skips away to find Wolf)

(Red is carrying a bag, muffling can be heard from the bag)

(Red pulls Carrie out of the bag)

Red: Sweet. (ties Carrie up)


Red: No way! I wanna see your ass and boobs! (looks under her skirt and takes a picture with his phone)


Red: Relax bitch. It'll only be for a while. (takes her bra off and takes a picture of her breasts)

(Carrie makes an angry face and blushes)

Red: Ooh someone's blushing. (looks under her skirt again)

Carrie: Stop it! This is so embarrassing!!! Please don't tell me you are posting this on the internet!

Red: No way! This sexy stuff is for ME only!

Carrie: Oh thank God!

(Red then places duct tape over Carries mouth)

Red: Shut your mouth so I can continue doing this!

Carrie: (makes angry muffled noises)

Red: Oh yeah baby. (rubs his face in Carrie's boobs)

(Carrie starts crying)

Red: WHOO! Alright baby!

(Little Blue then walks into the room)

Little Blue: Hey Red, what's u-

(Little Blue notices Red with Carrie.

Little Blue: What the? Who's this girl?

Red: Oh Just chilling with Carrie. A friend of mine.


Little Blue: Like you always do Red?

Red: Yup.

(Blue lets Carrie go)

Little Blue: I am so sorry about this Carrie.

Carrie: That's alright, uhh who are you?

Little Blue: Little Blue, I'm Blue's little brother.

Carrie: WOW! I never actually knew Blue had a brother. Why is Blue even friends with that dick? (Lights a cigar)

Little Blue: I have no idea. And I probably wouldn't want to find out.

(Carrie then takes her cigar and burns it in Red's eye)

Red: (screams) WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!

Carrie: For being a huge dick.

(suddenly cuts to Earl Grey's warehouse)

Earl Grey: Blast! (looks out the window) Pathetic citizens! Enjoying a happy day while I suffer failure!

Gerald Butler: Oh don't be such a baby.

Darla: (fiddling with her "fingers") Just relax Earl...

(Suddenly, a bang is heard in another room)

Earl Grey: What the grey shocking fuck was that!?

(4 shadow figures stand In front of them)

Darla: (thinking) Oh no. Not those wankers again...

???: (in Darla's mind) Oh hey! It is those jackasses again! You know, the ones who forced you to create me?

Darla: (thinking) Shut up!

Shock: Are you sure these assholes will be useful master?

Saigron: Are you sure these beings can assist us Dark Doom?

Dark Doom: Maybe. At least we may have bait.

Shock: Excellent plan master!

Darla: (grits her teeth) (shaking) Would do you mean by bait?

Saigron: I am allowing you to join me to take over this world. You will join me or you will suffer.

Shock: And you won't want that.

(Saigron suddenly stabs Shock with Bloodlust)

Saigron: Do not speak unless i tell you to!

Shock: Yes! Of course!

(Darla looks away and rolls her eyes.)

Saigron: (stabs Darla) Do not turn from me child. I can take your soul and powers right now to prove your worthlessness (Darla begins to fade until Saigron lets her go) What I offer is a delay from death. You will know your place under me or you will know suffering beyond your darkest knowledge. What is your choice?

Earl Grey: LET HER GO!

(Dark Doom keeps Earl Grey away from Saigron)

Dark Doom: Unless you want to die too?

Earl Grey: NO!

Gerald Butler: Wimp.

Darla: (speaks as if she is not any pain) Fine! I'll join you. As long as "she" doesn't get in the way.

???: (in her mind) OH COME ON! You are surrendering to this douche?! I could beat him and save you three without a scratch!

Darla: (thinking) Once I tell Gerald & Earl about you, you WILL be sorry.

???: (sing-song voice) No I fucking will not~! (laughs maniacally)

Saigron: (hears her dark demon's thoughts) Tell her that she will remain hidden from me. Once she comes out, I will control it because all darkness belongs to me. (speaks to the demon in Darla) Understand?

???: (in her mind) (to Saigron) Shut up, bitch! You can't absorb my power or control me even if you tried!

Darla: (ignoring her) (to Saigron) Affirmative.

Saigron: And what of you two? (To Earl Grey and Gerald Butler)

Earl Grey: Excuse me?

Gerald Butler: (stands in front) Of course we will join. If it means we can get our revenge on Batman and Bloser.

Jackal: (Gave the three of them a magic scroll) Only you three can read this scroll.

Saigron: Pick your marks and take each of them out. But if you fail even one, I will know and I you will be rewarded the edge of my blade.

(Darla looks at Gerald Butler & Earl Grey in concern, knowing they will most likely die.)

Chapter 3: Where's Wolf?

(shows some characters at Putain Deliceux)

(Auburn & Indigo are shown sitting down at a table.)

(Rapper sits at another table)

Rapper: (looks over) Auburn...?

Auburn: Hmm? (looks at him) Oh. Hey Rap.

Rapper: (whispers) What is that red box your holding under the table?

Auburn: (whispers so Indigo can’t hear) Just an extremely late valentine chocolate I forgot to give her.

Rapper: Well good luck with that.

Auburn: Alright then.

(Red is inside the cafe' not being noticed and eating some food)

Red: I still like those cell phones!

(Scarlet realizes he is eating meat and bites at his leg so he can stop.)

Red: (screams) Table Monster!

(Scarlet lets go of his leg and takes the rest of the meat.)

(suddenly cuts to a shadow in the sky about to shoot a large laser ball at the café. cuts back to Auburn & Indigo)

Indigo: (looks out) Hey. What’s that in the sky?

Auburn: Hmm?

(the dark ball heads straight for the café and explodes in a giant blast. Most people recover)

Red: WHOO!! Fireworks show!

Madelene: What in the world just happened?!

Charlotte: Whoever did this is SO fucking dead!

(the figure is revealed to be Dark Doom)

Dark Doom: Master Saigron's plan is just beginning. (teleports away)

Charlotte: The fuck was that?

Red: I hope it was a dragon!

Madelene: (picks up an unconscious Scarlet) I don’t think it was…

Indigo: Is everyone alright?

Red: I lost my food!

Auburn: I don’t think anyone cares.

Rapper: I'd hell like to find who did that!

Charlotte: You mean you didn’t see the douche in the sky?

Rapper: (nervously laughs) Nope.

Blue: Did you guys see that!?

Red: Yeah! Fireworks!

Rapper: Don't tell me evil is coming again.

Spark: (teleports) What the hell is happening here!?

Rapper: (to Auburn and Indigo) You guys think trouble is ahead?

Auburn: Isn't it obvious?

Indigo: Uhh...

Blue: Charlotte, Madelene, Scarlet! You guys okay?

(Charlotte blushes a little)

Red: Oh god not again.

Emily: What's up with Charlotte?

Madelene: (to Blue) I checked Scarlet's pulse. She's fine.

Blue: We better tell everyone about this.

(Blue knocks on Wolf's door)

Blue: Hello? Wolf?

Fox: (Answers) Hey Blue.

Blue: Hey Fox, is Wolf around? We got a serious situation.

Fox: I don't know. He went out for a drive on his motorcycle and hasn't come back yet.

Spark: I got this. (summons) Ancient Lightning Dragon! I SUMMON YOU!!! (a large lightning dragon appeared out of Spark)


(hops on the dragon)

Spark: Finding Wolf! That's what i'm doing!

Blue: Alright let's go tell everyone else! (cuts to Bruce and Fifi)

Bruce: Come on Fifi! Stop being an idiot and be my burrito!

Fifi: (Sings) I love you, you love me. We're a happy dino family!

(the lightning dragon spirit shows up with Blue, Spark and Fox)

Blue: Bruce, we got a serious problem.

Fifi: It's a luck dragon!

Blue: No! I think Saigron's up to no good!

Bruce: You mean that black bastard who tried to take over the world?

Fifi: (looks at Sparks hair and starts placing cotton balls on the points of his hair) Watch were you point those things young man.

Spark: (shakes off the cotton balls) They're not pointy kid!

Fifi: (Stares at Spark for a while) Are you a lemon?

Spark: What? No!

Fifi: A banana?

Blue: GUYS! We have to go warn everyone else!

(shows Midnight Blaze beating Rei and Katorou up)

Midnight Blaze: Honestly. You assholes never give up.

Katorou & Rei: (covered in their blood) Shut up!

(the lightning dragon show up)

Blue: Guys! We got a serious problem!

(Midnight Blaze, Katorou, & Rei look at them.)

Midnight Blaze: I'm busy!

Kari: (comes out of the sewer) What's going on?

Blue: I think evil is among us again!

Rei: So?


Rapper: Hey watch it pal! That's my girl your yelling at!

Spark: And I think she's getting beaten up Rap.

(Katorou hears what Rapper said and sighs.)

Midnight Blaze: Hey! They started it!

Spark: But that's not the point right now!

Kari: He's right. (takes out a sharp knife and points at the edge of it) This is a point.

(shows Ryle punching a punching bag)

Ryle: Gohadouken! (fires a ball of dark ki at the punching bag, incinerating it) Great.

Blue: RYLE!

Ryle: What?

Rapper: The villains are attacking again!

Ryle: (crosses his arms) And why'd ya need my help?


Ryle: That unstable mode just like Wolf?

Blue: YES!!

Ryle: Fine.

(later, everyone is at Wolf's cottage. Everyone is arguing about the villains)

(Ryle gets angry as he punches the ground causing the ground to shake)


Blue: EVERYBODY BE QUIET!!! I know this looks bad but I'm sure we can stop them.

Red: Yeah? What about Saig-GROAN! (laughs)

(everyone groans at Red)

(There is a knock at the door.)

Indigo: I'll get it. (goes over to the door)

Blue: Who's at the door?

(Indigo opens the door to reveal the person to be a very tired Wednesday.)

Wednesday: (yawns) Mornin'. Sorry I'm late and all that...crap... (almost falls asleep but gets herself up again)

Damon: Fox. Do you know anything about this.

Fox: I haven't heard anything yet.

(Suddenly Saigron appears on the TV screen)

Spark: What the hell!?

Damon: Saigron.

Saigron: hello mortals, I would like you to know that my forces have killed Wolf. Unfortunately There was nothing left of him for me to take. I may not be able to use his powers to kill you all but I will find you all and be there to take your powers. I will not make it quick or merciful, I will target the ones you hold most dear first and make sure you suffer as you see them die.

(the screen turns black)

Red: SHIT!

Blue: Wolf's.... gone?

Emily: (curls into a ball in fear) Wolf's gone, and Saigron's gonna take away my puppy eyes and ability to fly!!

Damon: (pats Fox's shoulder) I'm sorry Fox.

Fox: (cries) Wolf...

Red: That is IT!!! That black bitch has CROSSED THE LINE!!!

Blue: How about we teach him not to mess with us!?

Rapper: FUCK YOUUUUU!!!!

Ryle: FUCK YEAH!!!

Emily: Will we be able to get Wolf back?

Damon: I can do resurrection.

Rapper: Does this mean me and Bruce have to work TOGETHER!?

Bruce: FUCK NO!!!

Rapper: FINE! But if Bruce does ONE mishap! He's dead.

Emily: Okay, then (takes out her spike covered bat) let's get Wolf back!

Fifi: My taco is dead... (Cries)

Indigo: (looks a Fifi) Aww, poor girl...

(Bruce hears what Fifi said and sighs)

Blue: Let's go!

Red: What about the chicks?

Emily: I want to come. I have a gun and a bat on me.

Blue: It'll take more than THAT to stop them Emily.

(Emily cries on Blue's legs)

Kari: (gasps) There are baby chicks?! Where?!

Raccoon: Saigron wirr target the one you rove first

Blue: Fox, Vio, Midnight Blaze, you girls are with us. The rest of you stay here.

Midnight Blaze: Alright then!

Pink: Be careful Blue. (kisses his lips)

Blink: I don't want Daddy to die.

Emily: Yes! I finally get to fight a demon.

Rapper: No, you stay here.

Blue: Alright. Red, Raccoon, Ryle, Trollz0r, Lad, Spark, Shawn, Midnight, Fox, Damon, Rapper, Bruce, Steve, you guys are with me. Wednesday, stay here and protect Indigo, Auburn, L.T., Pink, Blink, Stacy, Emily, Charlotte, Madelene, Scarlet, Fresko, Holly, Katorou, Rei, Kari and Fifi.

Wednesday: (laughs weakly) Okay... I'm alright stayin' here...I guess...

Red: Hey what about sith bitch?

Damon: Uugh..

Indigo: (taps Wednesday's shoulder) (whispers) Hey. Just so you know, you don't have to protect us all. You can go to sleep whenever you want.

Wednesday: What? N-No no. ...I'm fine... (yawns) Just need some coffee or somethin'.

Blue: Come on let's go!

Red: CHARGE!!!

Raccoon: Kirr the ones we hate!

Steve: Wait why am I coming!?

Steve: (dragged by Rapper) HOLLY!

Holly: St- Steve! No!

(the guys run outside)

Damon: Hey Stacy.

Stacy: Yeah?

Damon: Have this. (gives Stacy another amulet)

Blue: DAMON!! We don't have time for that! We gotta go! NOW!

Damon: Right. (levitates outside)

Spark: Alright! Time to get our guest on!

Blue: Hey! That's my line!

Red: And mine.

Spark: Well it's more better and awesome if I say it.

Blue: SHUT UP!

Chapter 4: Tea Party

(the group continue running)

Spark: Hey guys! I got a way to get us to find Saigron!

Rapper: (while running) What's that?

Spark: (flies up and summons) Ancient Lightning Dragon Spirit! I SUMMON YOU!!! (a gigantic lightning dragon appeared and merged out of Spark. The dragon did a loud roar)

Red: Sweet!

Spark: (hops on the dragon) Get on!

Bruce: I'm not sitting on the tail.

Rapper: Meh, It'll be a fun ride for you if you sit on the tail.

Bruce: (growls) God I hate you.

Lightning Dragon Spirit: (roars) Just get on already!

Bruce: FINE! (gets on the tail) (quietly) Stupid Dragon Spirit.

Fox: How will he find Saigron?

Lad: If Saigron is in Hell, we won't stand a chance.

Lightning Dragon Spirit: Just point me the way.

Earl Grey: See Gerald? We start the war and 10 minutes later, I'm already the king of England!

Gerald Butler: But sir, don't you think Batman and his friends will come?

Earl Grey: and WE will win. Thanks to that yellow person with blue hair and purple arm, he's made me more powerful. We DO want to succeed other wise that Black Man will take our souls! What could go wrong now that I have Dark Doom's bit of power?

Gerald Butler: I'm guessing, THAT. (points to the Lightning Dragon Spirit approaching them)

Earl Grey: Fuck.

Spark: How's it goin Earl Gay?

Earl Grey: By now you've noticed that I am the new king of England! And that means I can dispose of you thanks to Dark Doom.

Shawn: What happened to the queen?

Earl Grey: I hypnotised her into marrying me!

Blue: You sick bastard.

Trollz0r: (Challenge Accepted) Prepare to be owned!

Lad: Well at least Fox doesn't have to worry about Earl Grey trying to marry her

Fox: Thank God.

Street Fighter Voice: Ready!? FIGHT!!!

Earl Grey: Then again. (stares at Fox) I COULD use a more beautiful queen.

Fox: You're out of your mind if you think I will ever accept.

Street Fighter Voice: Are you ready? FIGHT!!!


Earl Grey: It won't be easy to stop me this time.

Midnight Blaze: Whoawhoawhoawhoawhoa! Hold on! That's Gerald Butler & Earl Grey?

Rapper: Yeah? So what?

Midnight Blaze: But...they're so...old...and ugly. (laughs) Older and uglier than I thought! (continues laughing)

Shawn: (chuckles) Yeah they are.

Lad: the ass of a yak has more of a chance to get laid more then them (laughs out loud)

Earl Grey: SILENCE!!! (shoots energy balls at the group)

Red: Oh shit!

Bruce: (shivers) This is scary.

(the lightning dragon dodges the energy balls)

Rapper: Bruce. want to win Fifi? Then FIGHT asshole!

Bruce: HOW!!?

Lightning Dragon Spirit: (roars then shoots energy balls made of chi from his mouth)

Lad: With ancient runes (holds a rune stone )

(Gerald Butler deflects the energy balls with his sword)

(the lightning dragon spirit shields himself and the other with his chi)

Lad: (brings out his great sword with ancient rune symbols on the blade) looks like I have an opponent.

Ryle: (cracks his knuckles) Me too. Ready for this?

(lad charges at Gerald butler)

(Earl Grey flies in front of Gerald Butler and blasts Lad back with a sound wave)

(lad uses the sword to cut through the wave)

(Ryle fires a large blast made of chi)

Ryle: Messatsu Gohadou!

Earl Grey: (blocks the blast)

Ryle: (instantly teleported in front of Earl Grey and does an uppercut sending him to the air) Goshoryuken!

Lad: (continues to fight) how many wars have you fought Butler?

Ryle: (widens his stance and engulfs in large flames as he fires multiple blast at Earl Grey in the air) Messatsu Agyo!

Gerald Butler: More than you have! (deflects sword)

(Earl Grey turns back at Ryle with his eyes yellow, he unleashes a powerful punch to Ryle sending him far to the ground leaving a large crater)

(Ryle quickly gets up from the ground jumps up back to Earl Grey as he grabs him and punches him through many building)

Lad: That remains to be seen. seeing you hang out with a man who has tea parties! (slams back down on Gerald butlers sword to knock it from his hand and whack him far away with the flat side of his sword)

Gerald Butler: No. (groans) I don't want to be killed by Saigron!

(Ryle quickly gets up from the ground jumps up back to Earl Grey as he grabs him and punches him through many building)

Lad: it was your mistake to join him in the first place!

Earl Grey: FORGET IT!!! (pushes Ryle into wall) We WILL win this!

Vio: (Earl Grey is blown from the air by Vio using the force) The evil of siths will never win.

(Ryle get out of the wall)

Ryle: Thanks nerd.

Vio: I'm not a nerd!

(Ryle enters Satsui no Hado Mode and jumps to Earl Grey as he grabs him and throws him to the ground leaving a large crater)

Ryle: Whatever.

Earl Grey: I'm not giving up! I don't want to die! (charges at Vio)

Gerald Butler: (pushes Lad's sword away)

(Vio levitates her lightsabers to protect her from Earl Grey)

Lad: (stand across from Gerald Butler) You should never have joined him. You became a sheep sent to the slaughter by Saigron

Gerald Butler: (sighs) Now we're going to di- (suddenly chokes and falls to the ground)

Fox: (Come next to Lad) We already killed most of your forces and soon you will have no one to fight with.

Ryle: (charges his ki) Messatsu! (fires a large beam of energy at Earl Grey) Gohado-Ungyo!

Rapper: Why is Gerald Butler choking?

Spark: (points to Saigron choking Earl Grey) I think that's why.


(Ryle teleports to Earl Grey and grabs him by the neck and lifts up in the air)

Saigron: You are no better off. (stabs and sucks Earl Grey in the sword too and looks to the others)

Shawn: Fuck. Any idea's Rapper?

Blue: Shit! Everyone run!


Saigron: thank you for your help Ryle. (looks to the others) you think the ones you cherish back in your hide out are safe? This fight was only to distract you while my demons attacked them. (laughs as he vanishes)

Fox: Oh my God!

(back to Wolf's house)

Emily: Wednesday!!! I'm scared for Red and Blue!!

Wednesday: (almost fully awake) (yawns) I know, I know.

Stacy: Hey look, demon party.

(large demons crash through the windows)

Pink: Blue! Where are you!?

Blink: (screams) Don't hurt me!

Madelene: Le shit!

Fifi: Demon Tag! (slaps a demon in the face) TAG! you're it! (bounces around being missed by the demons and gets away)

Head Demon: Forget her! (looks at the others) Saigron would like you to come with us as his honored guests.

Auburn: This is not good...

Pink: Let me go!

Blink: DADDY!!

(Auburn grabs Indigo's arm and runs away with her. Wednesday, now fully awake, takes out her taser and electrifies the demon grabbing her.)

Madelene: (screeches) Get away! (tries to fight the demon off with a knife while holding onto Scarlet)

Kari: Wait! Fifi-chan! (follows Fifi)

Katorou: Nee-san! (is grabbed by a demon)

Rei: Katorou-ku– (also gets grabbed)

Holly: NOOO!!!

Madelene: Oh no. (as Scarlet wakes up) They got Charlotte!

Wednesday: And those two Japanese assholes.

Fifi: (Pokes her head back in) Aww is the game over?

Kari: Who knows. I think we're playing Hide and Seek or something.

Wednesday: No we're not!

Holly: I can't take this! (prepares to leave)

Wednesday: Where are you going?

Holly: I don't know I- just don't want to see this. (leaves)

Madelene: So...what should we do now?

Wednesday: We should go warn the people back in town, right?

(Back with Red and the others)

Blue: We have to get back to Wolf's home!

(Red arrives at Wolf's home and busts through the window)

Red: Sup ladies?

Kari: (waves) Hi American Daddy!

Shawn: Is anyone alright!?

Wednesday: ...No...

Blue: Wait! Where is Pink and Blink!?

Fifi: They got tagged and now they are out of the game.

Fox: What do you mean Fifi? Who did this!?

Spark: FUCK! Those demons must have got them!

Kari: And boy, do they SUCK at playing tag!

Fifi: Some ugly trick or treaters that came to play easter egg hunt

Rapper: Huh? Where's Rei!?

Kari: She and Otouto got tagged too.

Fifi: (Jumps around Kari) We win! We win! We win!

Steve: (looks around) Did Holly get taken too!?

Wednesday: No, but she left.

Steve: I have to go find her!

Wednesday: We'll follow you. We've got to get back to town to warn everyone.


Ryle: He is gonna be SO fucked up.

Fox: how do we even find him?

Damon: He might be still at hell.

Fifi: Yay field trip!

Spark: Let's go!

(they all leave Wolf's cabin)

Jackal: (appears from a tree) I have my targets in sight master. I will bring them to you when I deal with them.

Saigron's Voice: Do not fail me.

Jackal: It won't be difficult.

(Jackal vanishes into the tree again)

(Shawn hears something and quickly looks at the tree)

Blue: What is it Shawn?

(Shawn hears a faint sound of Pink's voice)

Shawn: Pink!?!

Blue: What!? PINK?!?

Shawn: I think your wife's in trouble!

Pink: (faint voice) Help me.

Shawn: We gotta hurry.

Red: lead the way blood hound!

Shawn: I'm not a blood hou- Never mind.

(Shawn leads the group to Saigron)

Shawn: Saigron has to in hell so if we could find a way there we might able to fight him.

(Shawn hears Pink's voice deep in the woods)

Pink: (faint voice) Hurry, someone help me.

Shawn: (able to hear her) There's her voice!

Blue: Wait up Shawn!

Pink: (faint voice) Hurry! i need help!

Shawn: We don't have much time!

Blink: (faint voice) Help me Daddy... Help me..

Shawn: They have your son too!

Blue: Can you go ahead and leave us a trail to follow?

Shawn: Okay.

(Shawn creates a large snowlake)

Shawn: Good luck guys. (heads to find Saigron)

(Shawn follows Pink's voice for several minutes before it leads him to a strangely open snow covered area)

Shawn: That's strange, Pink's voice should've head me to the deep woods.

Jackal: is it really her voice you heard little dog? (Imitates Pink's Voice) Or was it mine?

Shawn: Ah great, what do you want?

Jackal: You are my first target on my list. I must say that you were real easy to lure here.

Shawn: Great, I'm guessing this is a trap?

Jackal: Da, Now can we get this over with quickly? I still have to drag you over to Saigron after.

Shawn: (sighs) Fine. (grows out blades)

(Jackal starts to float in the air as his magic charges)

(Shawn charges all of his ice powers)

Jackal: Funny little dog, never play with fire if you are made of ice. (engulfs the entire area in flames making the air dry and hot)

Shawn: Really, cause I was thinking opposite way around. (uses his frost breath to douse the flames making the air cold)

(The flames still continue to burn through the frost breath)

Jackal: Stupid mutt, you know nothing over true power. (uses the water the melted around Shawn for his lightning strike and shocking Shawn severely with second degree burns from the lightning)

Shawn: (tries to break away the lightning while growling) Dammit!

Jackal: It is not very smart to have claws made of metal in a lightning strike. (Unleashes a storm of lightning strikes over Shawn striking his blades that attract the lightning)

(Jackal brings up the earth slamming into Shawn from his front)

Shawn: God- (coughs out blood) Dammit!

Jackal: I guess i was right to choose you as my first target.

(Shawn was turning into ice and breaks proving to be a clone)

Shawn: (behind Jackal) Hey! Russkie!

Jackal: what a surprise.

(Shawn creates giant ice fists)

Shawn: (prepares to fight) Let's do this.

Jackal: Surprise! (Before Shawn realizes, Jackal instantly shoots out a wave of intense heat blowing back Shawn with severe burns)

(Shawn is seen to be a another ice clone)

Shawn: Surprise. (Shawn stabs the ground infront of Jackal making an giant ice cylinder, freezing him)

(The ice is then repelled back at Shawn encasing himself in the ice)

Jackal: Just like a bitch dog, You hide with your tail between your legs. Good thing I have reflecting spell.

(The ice Shawn was encased grew larger and larger)

Jackal: Come on little bitch dog, come out to play and maybe i won't have to slowly kill The pink bitch and her bratty fuck.

(The ice breaks with Shawn have entered his mode, Ice Wolf Mode)

Shawn: Alright, let's try this again.

Jackal: Prove more of a challenge this time and try not to hide like that pink bitch.

Shawn: Actually I'll give you the first move.

Jackal: who are you talking to me... (Makes a bright flash before showing a army of copies of himself. they all speak at once) or them?

Shawn: Oh please I've seen this shit before. (makes ice spears and impale the clones)

(they just replace themselves)

Jackal Clones: Now that was pathetic.

Shawn: (speaks in head) Alright, If I was Wolf how do I face this guy?

(each of the Jackal clones start to conjure up different spells)

(Shawn prepares to dodge)

Jackal: Face it dog. You can't beat me

(Shawn spots the real Jackel and slashes him with ice strike)

Jackal: (the ice repels of him again) You forget i have a reflecting spell.

Clone: (stabs Shawn through the back with a dark fire blade) And you are limited to one power element.

Clones: (overwhelm Shawn with fire and lightning based attacks) based attacks) And the weakness to ice is lightning and fire.

(Jackal clones keep following Shawn with their attacks)

Jackal: run little bitch dog. (laughs)

Shawn: Was it funny Wolf killed you in his Primal Rage Mode one time?

Jackal: Maybe... (cause the ground to launch Shawn in mid air as the clones use fire whips to wrap around Shawn's limbs and slams him hard on the ground) But you are nothing like Wolf and he is no longer around to save you from me. You want to find Saigron? let me bring you to him. (grabs Shawn and leaves)

Chapter 5: Magnetic Shocking Battle

Red: That dog sure is taking a while.

Blue: Do you think something happened to him?

Raccoon: We are armost to where he is.

Emily: I want to go home!!!

(The reach Shawn's last spot but find it empty)

Lord Tourettes: Where the FUCK is Shawn!? (looks around) He's not here!!!

Blue: Where is Pink? Shawn said she was around here.

Steve: Did Saigron take Holly too!?

Red: who cares as long as he didn't take my porn, I'm good.

Steve: That's it! I'm looking for Holly! (runs off)

Blue: Steve! Come back! Indigo go after him! We'll head back to Wolf's.

Indigo: Okay! (follows Steve)

(Steve looks around for Holly)

Steve: Holly! Holly! Where are you!?

(Holly is stomping farther away from him.)

Steve: Holly! I found you! (runs to her)

Holly: Go away Steve!

Steve: But it's dangerous out here!

Holly: Just leave me alone!

Steve: Hol-

(Holly turns around and slaps Steve's face)


Steve: Holly, what's wrong?!

Holly: I'll tell you EXACTLY what's wrong! I was left at Wolf's where demons took our friends!

Steve: I kinda knew that.

Holly: But YOU decided to help your friends instead of me!

Steve: But-

Holly: Enough! You promised to always protect me no matter what! Well you didn't now didn't you?!

Steve: But Holly, It's-

(Holly punches Steve into mud)


(Steve sheds a tear as it falls in the mud and starts raining. Indigo looks around the place and finds Steve)

Indigo: Uhh, Steve?

Steve: Holly....

Indigo: Holly? ...Is everything alright?

Steve: She hates me...

Indigo: Oh... (places a hand on his shoulder) I'm so sorry...

Steve: Come on..... Let's go find the others...

Indigo: Yeah...

(Steve gets up and walks away with Indigo)

(They make it back to Wolf's cabin)

Blue: So did you find Holly!?

Steve: We did but-...

Indigo: If you don't want to talk about it, you don't have to, Steve.

Blue: Oh, (to Indigo) Did Holly...?

Indigo: (sighs) Yeah...

Blue: I'm so sorry dude.

Vio: Did anyone else feel a dark presence where Shawn was suppose to be?

Red: Dunno.

Blue: I did actually.

Midnight Blaze: (amazed) Dude! You can feel presences? Awesome! You're not as nerdy as I thought. (laughs)

Blue: But I don't think it was Saigron's presence.

Vio: No it was something else. someone with a lot of magical powers

Rapper: Magic? Powers? JACKAL!!!

Red: But I thought Wolf took care of that douche.

Lord Tourettes: Maybe Sai-GROAN brought him back.

Fox: they are going to continue to pick us off one at a time.

Blue: Then let's fight for our friends!

Rapper: Well let's get out there and find Saigron!

Bruce: Shut up!

Rapper: Why don't you?

Spark: I wonder what happened to Shawn?

(the guys head outside)

Steve: (sighs) Holly...

Bruce: Oh get a fucking grip you retard! I too have a girl to worry about!

Red: Yeah well I can't see Fifi anywhere.

Bruce: WHAT!?

Blue: Wait, where is she?

Bruce: FIFI! Where are you!? (runs off)


Ryle: Forget it man, let's find that fuckin' asshole.

Red: But who'll be our bait!?

Blue: WHAT!?

(Rapper runs after Bruce)

Bruce: (arrives at the park panting) Fifi! FIFI! Where are you!? (sees Fifi near a tree) FIFI! There you are!

Fifi: Hello Moose!

Bruce: What are you doing out here!? Don't you know the World is ending!?

Fifi: Really? did i miss the rest of the movie?

Bruce: SON OF A BI-

Rapper: BRUCE! Get back with the group! Saigron or some other fucktard will KILL you out here!

Bruce: NO! Fuck you Rapper!

Fifi: Hello Lapper!

Rapper: Look can you at least come back!?

Bruce: NO! Not til I sort Fifi out!

Rapper: Alright alright! Fine!

(Rapper and Bruce sit on the bench)

Rapper: This is one hell of a war.

Bruce: Ya got a fucking point.

Rapper: I can't believe I have to work together with YOU!

Bruce: Hey, I'm only doing this for Fifi. I love her.

Fifi: (Sings) Love makes the world go flat

Rapper: Well she'll never be with you.

Bruce: (turns back at Rapper) What?!

Rapper: I said she'll never be with you. She's too much of an idiot to understand.

Bruce: SHUT UP! I don't care! I still love her!

Rapper: No way dude, she likes Wolf.

Bruce: I KNOW!

Fifi: I know what one plus one is... sesame street!

Rapper: Then stop trying to be with her. She'll never be yours.

Bruce: (growing angry) SEE!? Your always such a fucking asshole! Ever since we were friends in Kindergarden!

Rapper: That's just how I am.

Bruce: That's a good reason we were NOT friends NOW!

Rapper: Because your a fucking douchebag.

Bruce: (pissed) That. Is. IT!! (jumps on Rapper, attacking him)

Bruce: YOU'LL NEVER BE MY FRIEND!!! (punches Rapper)



Rapper: I DON'T CARE! I HAVE FRIENDS BETTER THAN YOURS! (kicks Bruce in the balls)

(Fifi runs in to try to stop them from fighting. Bruce pushes Rapper of the bench and prepares to stab him)


(Fifi tries to pull Bruce away from Rapper)

Fifi: Stop fighting!

Bruce: (punches Fifi) NO!!! (continues fighting Rapper)

Fifi: (Tries to get up and looks at Bruce with tears in her eyes) I... i thought you were my friend.

Bruce: (to Fifi) Fifi....?

Rapper: Oh now you've done it!

Bruce: Fifi, I am so sorry I-

(Fifi cringes away)

Fifi: No! don't hurt me!

Bruce: Fifi, that was an accident! I didn't mean to hurt you!

Fifi: you hurt me like those girls did. you scare me.

Bruce: No Fifi, I'm not like those girls.


(Fifi Curls up and covers her eyes)

Bruce: Fifi. I'm not going to hurt you...

(She screams as he gets closer)

Bruce: (backs away sadly) Who am I kidding? You'll never be with me. (runs off)

(fifi still cries on the ground)


(As Bruce continues running, tears roll down his eyes. Then begins to have flashbacks)

Rapper: (in Bruce's mind) You'll be my friend, friends forever.

Fifi: (in Bruce's mind) Hi Sticky Man!

Bruce: (in his mind) I will never hurt you Fifi, ever. Rapper, your my best friend.

(Bruce starts crying and continues running to the sunset)

Ryle: Nice one dumbass.

(Rapper pops his head up and snaps)


Ryle: (punches Rapper across the face) Cause I've been through the same too!

Rapper: (kicks Ryle in the balls) Yeah right! You've been through NOTHING better than what I'VE been through! (sighs) Come on Fifi let's just go back to the group! Bruce won't hurt you ANYMORE!

Fifi: I want Wolfy! I'm scared!

Rapper: Don't worry Fifi, we'll find 'Wolfy', I promise.

Fifi: cookie promise?

Rapper: (sighs) Yes, cookie promise.

Fifi: (wipes her eyes and sniffs) i want a cookie now.

Ryle: Yo Rap?

Rapper: WHAT!?

Ryle: Do you even know what I've been through?

Rapper: No! I don't feel like talking to you! You fucking cock. Come on Fifi! Let's head back to the group! (walks away carrying Fifi still crying)

(Ryle grumbles in anger)

(they head back to the group)

Raccoon: Did you find-a da brack one?

Rapper: He ran off. (sighs) Thanks to me...

Lord Tourettes: But he could get FUCKED!!!

Blue: Well, It's his decision, not ours...

Lord Tourettes: Oh, right...

Rapper: Hey Spark, have you ever been wondering where Jess is?

Spark: Oh shit! Your right!

Raccoon: We had-a better find that-a Saigron before anything goes wrong.

(Spark suddenly runs off)

Trollz0r: Where are YOU going?

Spark: I gotta find Jess! (runs off)

Trollz0r: Aww come on bro!

Raccoon: No warrior reaves a group on his own.

Blue: So should we follow him?

Lord Tourettes: I suppose we FUCKING better. (they all run off after Spark)

(shows Spark looking for Jess)

Spark: Jess! Where are you!?

(he sees Jess hiding in the street)

Jess: What... is... going... on?

Spark: (sighs) The whole world is ending.

Jess: (glares) YOU!

Spark: Oh crap.

Jess: Ho-Ho You bet I'm pissed at you! Why would you leave me out here!?

Spark: (sighs) Let's just say that I got too busy helping out the others.

Jess: And you forgot about me! I thought you loved me!

Spark: I do! It's just that I've been too busy!

Jess: Just shut up! (tears up) I know you wanted to help everyone else but you should have protected me! The one you LOVE! (cries and walks away)

Spark: Goddammit! How can things can any worse!?

(the others arrive)

Raccoon: Spark-san! What-a happened-a?

Spark: (sighs) Jess and I got into an argument.

Blue: You two didn't break up did you?


Spark: Yeah, why am I so stupid!? What was I even thinking!?

Red: Jess! Your such a bitch! Your gonna die out there!


(suddenly the clouds turn black)

Ryle: I think now ain't the time for this!

(Shock appears in front of Spark)

Rapper: SHOCK!?

Shock: Yes, I have returned! And I've brought someone to help me.

(A magnet charges behind Rapper and hits him)

Rapper: THE FUCK!?!

(Magnus appears behind Rapper and slashes him his his sword)

Spark: MAGNUS!?

Magnus: Long time no see Sparky.

Red: (tries not to laugh) Sparky.

Blue: Red, this isn't the time.

(Rapper deflects the sword with his)

Rapper: Nice try you cunt bag!

(Mangus controls his magnet ball and converts it into lasers fires Rapper from every direction)

(Rapper deflects some lasers with help from Red, Blue and Raccoon)

Raccoon: You have skirr, but we have TEAMWORK! (jumps and slashes Magnus)

Magnus: (block Raccoon's sword) Is that so? Shock!

Shock: (fires yellow lightning balls at Raccoon, who deflects them and deflects one right at Magnus)

Trollz0r: Man, I gotta help mah best friend bro! (runs off)

Red: No dude! It's too dangerous!

(Magnus control Shock's lightning ball and convert into another magnet sword)

Ryle: You dumbass!

Trollz0r: Don't worry brah. (Me Gusta Face) I got gaming powers.

Ryle: How the fuck will that even work!?

Trollz0r: Hey blue bro!

Shock: WHAT!?

Trollz0r: (presses a button on his controller and some spaceships appear and fire lasers at Shock) Wolf taught me a lot.

Spark: Really!? Wow!

(Trollz0r presses another button and a three headed dragon appears behind Magnus, each of them fire ther breaths at Magnus including Fire, Acid and Ice)


(Magnus deflects the lasers with his reflectors at the spaceships and shields himself inside his barrier)

Magnus: It'll take a lot to kill us!

(the three headed dragon uses it's weight to crush and shatter the barrier Magnus was in, also crushing him)

(Trollz0r presses a green button to put a shield around the dragon)

Magnus: (almost injured and he pants) Damn! Who is Wolf anyway!?

Lord Tourettes: We're not telling you SHIT!

Shock: MAGNUS! (charges right at Trollz0r and stabs his back with an electric sword)

Red: TROLLZ0R!!!

Spark: NO!!!

(Rapper shoots fire at Shock, causing him to burn)

Shock: FUUUUUUUUUCK!!! (teleports away)

Rapper: Coward.

(Raccoon slices Magnus in half)

Raccoon: We remain victorious.

Spark: TROLLZ0R!!! (runs to him)

Trollz0r: (coughs out blood) Game over bro.

Spark: Damn it! Why did have to come!?

Blue: First he loses his girl, now his best friend...

Trollz0r: Hey- If you see Madelene... Tell her she's hot. (coughs out more blood and dies)

Spark: (starts to cry) This is all my fault.

Raccoon: No Spark-san, Shock-a did this, and Saigron gave-a da order.

Spark: (wipes away his tears) Yeah, your right.

Blue: Spark, I'm so sorry...

Spark: ......

(Fox, Emily and the others come in)

Emily: Spark? What's up?

Spark: Trollz0r's dead....

(Wednesday, Madelene and their friends come back from the city)

Lord Tourettes: (gasps) Wednesday! Thank FUCK your okay!

Wednesday: (hugs LT) Yeah... Anyway, we got to warn everyone back in town about what's going on.

Madelene: Almost everyone's trying to flee the city.

Blue: That's great and all, but Trollz0r died...

Red: And before death, he said your hot Maddie.

Madelene: (gasps) Oh...

Blue: Sad huh?

Madelene: (sighs) Yes...

Raccoon: He was a great team member, but he must rive on somewhere erse...

(Raccoon suddenly feels Saigron's presence)

Raccoon: We must-a run! NOW!

Spark: Right! Jess!

Jess: Huh!?

(suddenly Jess is taken by a mysterious figure as her scream fades away)

Spark: JESS!!!

Blue: We'll find Jess later! We gotta run dude! Like right now!

(while the others run off-screen, Vio follows but trips over a stone and lands right near Let's feet)

Let: Well, well, well. The mighty jedi falls at my feet.

Vio: What do you want Let? I have more important things to worry about. (Vio begins to walk away)

Let: You mean like dealing with Saigron?

Vio: (Stops) What do you mean?

Let: I have joined sides with Saigron and have brought Damon along with me.

Vio: Let this is unwise. you are only going to lead yourselves to your own deaths.

Let: And why do you care about my life?

Vio: All life is sacred and Jedi don't wish death upon others.

Let: Prove it! (fights Vio)

(they begin to fight for a while as they talk to each other)

Vio: This battle will prove nothing Let!

Let: I was always nothing to you!

(Let begins to fight harder)

Let: I will turn you to the dark side Vio and you will be my apprentice!

Vio: I'll never join you Let!

Let: You would if you knew who I was.

Vio: (shocked) What do you mean?

Let: have you ever wondered Why your name is Vio and mine was Let?

Vio: What madness do you speak of Let?

Let: I was born the same day and the same time as you.

Vio... what?

Let: I am your twin sister.

Chapter 6: Lightsabers and Tears

Vio: (stood shocked) What? How?

Let: You were always the favorite. First born, you had the first part of the name, you were trained as a Jedi first, while i was always a second shadow to you.

Vio: Was that why you joined the sith?

Let: not before I killed our parents for making me always second place under you.

Vio: (pity) Let... I'm sorry.

Let: I'm not. I grew in ways you never could know. I am a master of the sith!

Vio: Let it isn't too late to turn back. we can be real sisters again.

Let: But I like being rivals instead. (activates her lightsabers) And after you are dead, I won't be second place anymore.

(Damon was watching Let and Vio who are about to fight)

Vio: Let I won't kill you. You are my sister.

Let: How do you know that? I could be lying about that.

Vio: I feel it sister. I can feel our connection. we don't need to do this.

Let: too bad. I already wanted to do this from the beginning!

(Let leaps at Vio to attack. Vio blocks and avoids the strike and they both begin to fight. Vio keeps her distance not wanting to harm Let, but Let keeps trying to strike Vio)

Damon: ......

Let: (gets more furious) Stand up and fight me dear sister!

Vio: Let this is madness. I feel the good in you, the conflict.

Let: There is no conflict.

Vio: You could have not let me know you were my sister so I don't believe you'll destroy me now.

Let: You underestimate the power of the dark side. If you will not fight? You will meet your destiny!

(Let Force Blast the ground and as Vio leaps to avoid the blast Let uses Force Pull to make her fall to the ground)

Let: Our parents once thought as you do. You don't know the power of the dark side.

(Let uses Force grip to start throwing Vio into the ground and walls until letting her go in pain on the ground)

Vio: (in pain) You may strike me down sister. but I want you to know something about our past.

Let: (readies to strike her down) and what is that dear sister?

Vio: (Looks up at Let with tears) I'm sorry... please forgive me for not being there for you.

Let: (pauses at what Vio just said as Vio drops her head waiting for the final blow) Get up!

Vio: this is what you want sister. You deserve revenge.

Let: (growls) Get up and fight me!

Vio: You are a sith sister. if you are what you say, strike me down and rid the last of the jedi.

Let: (raises her lightsaber higher to strike down Vio, but she struggles to go through with it as a tear rolls down her eye) Don't make me do this Vio.

Vio: it's what you always wanted. (Damon stands up and has to do something)

Let: I... (Shakes her hands) I... (deactivates her lightsaber and drops to the ground) I can't... (Damon was slowly walking towards Let)

Vio: (looks up at Let and tries to put a hand on her shoulder) Let?

Let: (pushes Vio Away) Vio, you have to leave now! you are in danger!

Vio: (confused) What? what do you...

(Damon starts to get the feeling what Let is talking about)

(Vio was suddenly smacked away powerfully into a wall. Saigron stood there over Let)

Saigron: Weak fool. (Starts sending unbearable pain through Let) I will finish what you started.

(Saigron starts heading over to Vio with his blade drawn)

Let: (Struggling to get up) Leave her alone!

Saigron: (Smirks) Never love something that can easily be taken away. (Damon fires a blast made of hell fire at Saigron)

Saigron: (Laughs) You know nothing of true evil. (puts Damon in an inescapable pain that sends him cringing on the floor)

(Damon struggles to speak)

(Saigron is about to kill Vio until he hears Let running at him to attack. Saigron readies his sword to kill Let)

Damon: You... May have... Bring me down... Brought torment and suffering... But no one... harms Let or... Make her cry... When I'm around....

(Let leaps into the air at Saigron and soon sees that he was about to pull out his sword to stab her with as she had no way to avoid the death blow)

(The others notice what's going on and they all run back.)


Dark Doom: (appears in front of them) Let the master do his thing.

Rapper: Get out of the way!

Dark Doom: (puts a force field around Saigron and the three.) Never!

Red: Don't go angry dude!

Damon: Stay out of this you two!

(Damon starts to become more angry. Damon pushes Let out of the way and gets stabbed into Saigron's sword)

Let: DAMON!!!


Indigo: Wh-What's happening?!

Saigron: (Laughs) Was it worth it?

Damon: (slowly dying) Yes... It was....

Blue: Damon! Are you okay!?

Damon: Shit. (coughs) Sorry for not listening to all of you. (coughs out large amounts of blood)

Saigron: We shall see later when I use your soul and body to kill her.

(Saigron then sucks Damon in the blade. Let is frozen stiff from the loss she felt of Damon's death)

Saigron: I will make sure you two meet again later. (Laughs)

Let: DAMN YOU DARK DOOM! DAMN YOU SAIGRON!!! (Let starts to let the darkside flow through her in her rage)





Auburn: Uhh, yeah. What they said.

Saigron: thanks for your assist Dark Doom. (plunges Bloodlust in Dark Doom) you have done well. (Starts sucking Dark Doom in Bloodlust)

Dark Doom: You pathetic fool!! You said you wouldn't kill me if I succeeded!

Saigron: I lied. I would never share power or let it walk away from me. (looks at Damon) and apparently you have not seen true evil. (finishes sucking Dark Doom)

(Let crouches forward as Vio crawls to her side)

Vio: I'm sorry Let.

Let: If I come with you... will you help me get revenge?

Vio: (nods) I owe you that much Let.

Let: Take me to whoever is left. We are going to end Saigron.

Blue: We gotta run! (pulls her away)

Saigron: (voice comes from nowhere) Your despair amuses me. rot in you hopeless existence!

(Holly continues walking home angrily not even paying attention to the war behind her)

Holly: I am never speaking to that jerk ever again! (groans in frustration)

Shock: (glares) Looks like I have another girl to kill after that stupid yellow haired jerk.

(Shock fires a yellow electric ball at Holly. The electric ball lands right in front of Holly.)

Holly: (screams) What was that?!

Shock: (flies around Holly) So you never want to see your friend again?

Holly: (takes a step back) Uhh...

Shock: (powers another ball) I would gladly help you with that.

(He shoots another ball at Holly, sending her into a building)

(Holly gets up, but is in pain.)

Shock: Have a 'shocking' death Holly.

(prepares another electric ball) (Shock fires the electric ball at Holly but Steve jumps right in front of her. He uses his sword to deflect the electric ball)

Shock: What the shocking fuck!?

Steve: Stay away from my girlfriend.

Holly: Steve?!

Shock: And why do you care so much about her!?

Steve: Because. (looks behind her) I promised I would always protect her.

(Shock fires a purple lightning laser at Steve but he tries to deflect it with his sword. He deflects it as it explodes)

Shock: Very clever.. But let's do it my way.

(Shock prepares to fire a purple laser at Steve)

Steve; Shit... (growls)

Shock: Now you DIIIIEEEE!!!

(Shock fires his purple laser, Steve jumps up and pushes the laser towards Shock with his sword)


(The laser explodes, The smoke clears as Holly recovers)

Holly: (coughs a couple of times) S-Steve...?

(Holly finds Steve coughing on the ground. As she runs to him rain starts falling)

Holly: Steve! Are you alright?!

Steve: (coughs) Holly I-.... I'm dying..

Holly: Wh-WHAT?!

Steve: But. At least your safe. (coughs)

Holly: But...

Steve: And-.... I'm sorry... (coughs)

Holly: Steve... (about to cry) It's me who should be sorry. I feel like such a bitch now...

Steve: Holly. (places hand on her cheek) There was something I wanted to ask you before- If you- would- ma- (dies)

Holly: ...Steve? Steve?! ... (kneels on the ground crying)

(Meanwhile, it cuts to Darla as she cries over Gerald Butler & Earl Grey, her shadow crawls onto a tree and changes form.)

Shadow: See? I told ya joining that asshole was a bad idea.

(Darla sniffs and keeps crying.)

Shadow: (sighs) Look Darla, you are not going anywhere if you just keep crying. Why not fight the fuck back? You know? Revenge?

Darla: (sniffs) …Why?

Shadow: Huh?

Darla: Why do you want me to release you so bad? How can I even trust you to control me?

Shadow: Well, I may be a demon, but even I can have a grudge against those from Hell. I do not like asshole demons with extra ass. Plus, with me controlling you, you will be unkillable against Saigron. Remember, demonic spirits cannot die.

Darla: If I listen to you…will you promise me that Gerald & Earl will come back?

Shadow: Sure. Even with me, you can still resurrect people, but since Saigron drained their souls, it is impossible to bring them back now. Just, you know, we will do that after we are done with him.

(Darla hesitates, but then has flashbacks of her with her five best friends. When the flashbacks end, she clenches her fist.)

Darla: Alright… (lifts her arms) Take me…

Shadow: Oh, I cannot do that yet.

Darla: What do you mean? (The shadow crawls back into Darla’s mind and tells her how she can take control of her, but her speaking is in inaudible whispers that only Darla can understand.)

Wednesday: (sniffs) I...I'm sorry... I just...didn't know what to do...

(Wednesday runs into the woods almost close to tears)

Lord Tourettes: Wha- Wednesday! Wait! (runs after her)

(Wednesday continues running and finds Darla on the edge of a cliff)

Wednesday: …Darla? (slowly starts walking up to her)

Lord Tourettes: (runs to Wednesday) Oh my god...

Darla: (looking away from them) Be gone with you. I’m preparing myself.

(Lord Tourettes backs away from Wednesday and Darla in fear)

Wednesday: Darla…what are you doing…?

Darla: (giggles) My apologies if I stuttered. I’m preparing myself for when I get my revenge.

Wednesday: Revenge? Are you…talking about Saigron?

Darla: (nods) A while ago, I have thought a lot about it, and for the first time in over three hundred years, I can finally admit that I have been failing a lot.

Wednesday: …What? (nervously laughs) You’re kidding right? You’re just pretending to sound like a failure right?

Darla: Oh, you wish I were.

(Wednesday’s eyes widen in shock.)

Darla: I finally admit it. Even I fail to protect everyone I care for. No matter how hard I try, I can never save Earl, Broseph, and Gerald from cruel, unnecessary deaths. These people don’t even care how much I want to save them, not even the other villains.

Wednesday: Listen Darla. You’re creeping me out. This isn’t like you at all—

(Darla suddenly turns to them with grey, cat-like eyes. Both Lord Tourettes and Wednesday then notice a handgun in Darla’s hand.)

Darla: After Gerald’s life was drained, I took his gun. (giggles, but this time it sounds weak) Well, I suppose it’s time now. There’s only one way for me to make all my best friends happy.

Wednesday: D…Defeat Saigron?

Darla: (nods) Correct. However, the only way for me to do that though, (strokes the gun with shaking hands) I’m gonna have to commit suicide…

Wednesday: (close to tears) WHAT?!

Lord Tourettes: (cries) Don't FUCKING do it!

Wednesday: (shaking) W-Why would you…

Darla: You really wanna know, huh… (raises the gun to the side of her head) You’ll find out in just a second. (tears roll down her cheeks) See you later, Wednesday. I promise I’ll be back soon.

Wednesday: (charges toward her) NO!

(Before Wednesday could grab the gun, the trigger is pulled, and Darla falls to the ground, supposedly dead. Wednesday just stares at the body for a moment before screaming before kneeling down to hug Darla.)

Lord Tourettes: Wednesday, I'm so sorry.

(Wednesday continues crying. Suddenly, she hears a slight giggle before looking down at Darla’s body. There is a curved smile on her face as her giggling gets louder.)

Wednesday: What the… (as the giggling continues) DARLA, IF THIS WAS SOME FUCKING JOKE, I’LL—

(Suddenly, Darla jumps into the air, away from Wednesday. The siblings now see that Darla has become dark blue with long, parted hair shaped like snakes. She still has her grey cat eyes from before, but her skirt has ripped holes in it. Darla (?) lands down the ground after a short silence.)

Darla(?): (sighs with relief) (speaking with an American accent) That’s better. (looks at her skirt) Dammit. (teleports a needle, thread, and torn cloths into her hands) More holes keep appearing… (She looks at Lord Tourettes and Wednesday, who are staring at her in shock.) Hey! No peeking, pervs!

Lord Tourettes: What the FUCK!?

Wednesday: D…Darla?

???: Almost. I am Darla’s demonic form and she finally decided to release me after what happened with GB & EG. Do not worry though. (shows a light blue fire in the palm of her hand) Right after she blew her brains out, I caught her soul before it could leave. (the fire disappears) Now it is in a safe place where no demonic spirit like Saigron can find it.

(they make it back to Wolf's cabin where Fox and the others are)

(Let uses no effort to stand on her own in her loss)

Red: Well, at least Fox survived.

Blue: You idiot! This is no time for a party!

Let: will you kill him?

Blue: (starts to cry) Who are we kidding? We've lost everything! Our friends, my family. EVERYTHING! (sighs) We might as well just give up....

Rapper: Wha-? But....


Wednesday: Are you...seriously giving up now?


Wednesday: We...can't just let (turns to ???) Uhh...

???: You tell them. You are way more heroic than I am. Dar would agree, you know.

(Wednesday pauses before sighing and nodding with a slight smile. She walks over to Blue.)

Wednesday: Blue...I know how you feel. I lost my boyfriend, but YOU lost your wife AND your son. I understand how heavily affected you are with that. But...just think about them for a moment. Think about how they would feel if you gave up right now...

Blue: Then I would never see them again...

Wednesday: Don't you WANT them back?

Blue: Of course I do!

Wednesday: And I'm sure they want to see you again too. So... (raises her fist in the air) FIGHT! For them!

Red: (raises fist in air) Yeah! Let's fight!

All: Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! FIGHT!

Blue: Yeah, yeah, yeah! We FIGHT To get our friends back!!


Everyone: YEAH!!!

(The door slams open)

Red: Augh! Don't let Saigron kill me!

Wolf: What are you all doing in my cabin!?

Fox: WOLF!!! (Runs to him and hugs him) I thought you were dead!

Wolf: Dead me? what idiot told you that?

Madelene: That's what Saigron said!


Let: (Came up to Wolf and grabbed the front of his collar) Can you guarantee that we can stop him?

Wolf: I have a plan but we need to be precise in our tactics.

Let: (lets go) For now, you can count me as an ally.

Rapper: Wait. Some people are still alive out there...

Blue: Wait, where's Bruce and Fifi!?

Wolf: wait a moment. Fifi! It's Wolf! and I have cookies!

(Fifi suddenly come out of nowhere and tackles Wolf in kisses and hugs as Wolf tries to avoid her lips)


Wolf: Get Off!

Fifi: It was horrible Wolfy. Moose hit me when i was trying to be nice!

Wolf: Wait you cared that much about him?

Fifi: I don't think he wants to be my boyfriend any more (cries)

(Wolf takes Fifi in his room alone. as if this day couldn't get any better Wolf thought)

Wolf: Look Fifi, there is a reason why he doesn't want to be your boyfriend.

Fifi: (about to cry more) Why?

Wolf: He hit you to tell you he wants to be your taco. remember? love hurts and that's why he hit you.

Fifi: (begins to stop crying) really? but what about you?

Wolf: (oh dear god wolf thought) I will always be there for you as your boyfriend, but I think Bruce is much more better for you than me?

Fifi: but Wolfy...

Wolf: Would I lie to you? (fifi think for a bit and shakes her head) You can trust your old Wolfy. (Dear god i cound like an idiot Wolf thought) Just let him find you and tell him that he could be your taco.

Fifi: but what if he doesn't want to be?

Wolf: (just do it you idiotic moron of a retard Wolf thought) just try. I'll give you a cookie if you do after.

Fifi: okay wolfy (hugs Wolf as he has a annoyed look on him)

Rapper: Speaking of Bruce. Where is he?

(cuts to Bruce at the park)

Bruce: This day has been bad for me. Now Fifi hates me...

(the ground shakes as the skies darken and dust storm covers the street)

Bruce: What the...?

(Vines made of flesh and blood crash out of the ground and heads to the tallest building in the city to twist and curl around it making it look like a demonic monument. Right at the top appears Saigron as he sits down on a throne similar to the one he sits on in hell)

Bruce: Holy shit...

Saigron: (Speak out so the World can hear him) creatures of the World! I am your new God. I have killed off most of the powerful being to use as my own weapons. If you defy me? You will suffer worse than death because that would be to merciful.

(Bruce is pulled off-screen by Wolf)

Bruce: What the fuck!?

Chapter 7: Turn for Worst

(Bruce is pulled off-screen by Wolf)

Bruce: What the fuck!?

Wolf: Get down numb nuts.

Bruce: Wait- Your alive!?

Wolf: yes long story short, They thought they killed me, I was undercover to find out who wanted me dead, I found out how to stop them and here I am now.

Bruce: (sighs) Well at- (notices Fifi standing in the middle of the street) Fifi....?

Wolf: You need to talk to her.

Bruce: Fifi! (runs to her) Are you o-

(Fifi suddenly flies up in the air and into Saigron's grip over her neck)

Bruce: FIFI!!!

Rapper: Holy shit.

Wolf: Crap.

Bruce: L- LET HER GO!

Rapper: Bruce! Don't do it!

Saigron: So fragile you worthless creatures are. You care for things that can easily be taken away.

Rapper: You will pay for those you killed! Like Rei... and-

Saigron: I gave them a merciful death by the hands of others. They held no power for me to harvest and their pathetic knowledge was hardly worth noticing. Their existence on this world needed to end , so I gave it to them.

Bruce: Ju- Just... (grows angry) SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

Rapper: Holy shit.


Saigron: I think you need to learn why I came. (Stabs Fifi with Bloodlust)

Fifi: (weakening) Wolfy... Brucy...

Bruce: FIFI! NOOO!!! (cries)

(suddenly, a green laser fires at Saigron)

Red: And why you must leave!

Rapper: Huh?

Blue: We're back! And here to help!

Raccoon: You have crossed the rine Saigron... Now it's time for payback.

Lord Tourettes: You FUCKING said it!

Bruce: Oh yes furry guy. THIS FUCKTARD HAS CROSSED THE LINE!!!

Holly: Especially to the guy who killed Steve!

Saigron: I came to bring chaos... (summons the people who have died) and despair.

Red: Aah! ZOMBIES!

Blue: P-P-Pink?

Wednesday: Grey?

Indigo: Their demons!

Saigron: Can you kill the ones you love again while they are conscious of their surroundings?

Pink: Blue! I...can't control myself.

Blink: Help daddy! I can't stop.

Blue: No! Pink! Blink! LET THEM GO!


Blue: I'M NOT LOSING MY FAMILY!!! (jumps on Saigron)

Raccoon: Use da power Brue-san! (pulls the great sword of destiny out)

Red: GET HIM!!!

(Charlotte approaches Indigo)

Auburn: (stands in front of Indigo) I won't let them get you.

Indigo: But what's wrong with her?

Charlotte: I'm being controlled, idiot!

Saigron: I AM A GOD!

(Summons their dead friends to attack)

(Pink and Blink fight Blue off)

Blue: How can we make them come to their senses!?

Red: STACY! It's me!

Stacy: (attacks Red) I can't stop myself! Help me Red!


Broseph: (comes for Wednesday) Wednesday! Help! I can't control myself!

Wednesday: Huh?

Pink: Blue! don't let us kill you!

Spark: What the Fuck's going on!!?!?


Lord Tourettes: No! Don't hurt Wednesday!

Wednesday: Wait, what...?

Spark: (sees Saigron controling them) THAT SICK BASTARD!!!!

(trollz0r attacks Spark)

trollz0r: Sorry man. Someone is hacking me.

Rapper: Rei, your going nuts!


Holly: How can we help them!?

Blue: I don't know!

Lord Tourettes: (cries) I'm so FUCKED!!!


Bruce: Fifi! No!

Wolf: (fights off lad while dodging Whoops lasers and Foully's swooping) like old times when you weren't intending to kill me eh?

Lad: You always have to joke around do ye?

Wolf: you know me Lad. You understand what I have to do now right?

Saigron: I will give you mercy by saying good bye. (throws Fifi off his blade and infront of Bruce)

Bruce: (gasps) Fifi! (runs to her)

Whoop: (Blasts away Ryle with his powerful laser) Sorry. I didn't mean it.

Fifi: Brucy?

Bruce: (starts to cry) Fifi....?

Fifi: Brucy... You do care. I see fairy dust in your eyes.

Bruce: Fifi, I'm so sorry... (hugs her) Goodbye...

Wolf: Sorry guys. (quaters Whoop and slashes Foully in half)

Whoop: it's okay man.

Foully: Just kick that son of a fucking bitch's ass

(Lad is suddenly punched away by Ryle)

Fifi: Goodnight... taco. (dies)

Bruce: Wait, taco... does that mean...

Rapper: (pushed into a wall) Damn demon!

Saigron: Bruce, how does it feel to have a heart to be broken?

Bruce: It feels. so sad I could-

Rapper: (looks at Bruce) Bruce...

Saigron: That is good. it fills me with such pleasure to see someone broken down because of something so pathetic to pass away.

Bruce: WHAT DID YOU SAY!!!!?

Rapper: Bruce, you'll get-

Bruce: THAT IS IT!!!!!!! (jumps on Saigron) YOUR THE FUCKING PATHETIC PILE OF FUCK TO NEVER EXIST!!!!!!!!! (punches Saigron)

Saigron: great show of emotion. now let me make it grow. (Remakes Fifi and causes her to fight Bruce) to stop her you must kill her again.

Fifi: I feel like a puppet. It's scaring me.

Bruce: Fifi...? (Pink jumps on Blue)

Blue: Pink NO!

Pink: Blue. you have to stop me!

Blue: NO! I'm not going to kill you!

Pink: I don't want to be forced to kill you either. Please stop me.

Blink: please daddy. stop us from doing bad things

Blue: (cries) I'm so sorry. (stabs Pink)

Pink: (Starts to die) Thank you Blue. I love you. (dies)

Blue: Blink. Forgive me. (stabs Blink)

Blink: It's okay daddy. now i won't be bad anymore. Thanks daddy. (dies)

Blue: Everyone! Stab them!

Red: (stabs Stacy)

Stacy: at least you missed my boobs

Wednesday: (whispers) I'm sorry... (stabs Broseph)

Broseph: (groans) Uncool! (dies)

Trollz0r: Game over man

Holly: (stabs Steve)

Steve: Thank you Holly. I'm sorry about before. (dies)

Bruce: (stabs Fifi)

Saigron: well done. you have gathered the strength to kill those you cared for. don't you feel stronger now?

Lord Tourettes: Your gonna be FUCKED!!!

Blue: Indeed he will.

Fifi: Goodnight again taco (dies)

(Midnight Blaze gladly stabs Rei behind the back while also choking Katorou)

Midnight Blaze: I bet you wish you weren't such a bitch either.

Blue: Hey everybody. How about we put an end to Saigron's wrath?

Red: I'm in!

Rapper: He's dead.

Red: And I know how to. (kicks Wolf in the balls) Go Primal Rage!

Spark: (becomes more angry and tranforms into Super Saiyan 3) You know! After what you made us did we're never gonna forgive you!!!

Saigron: I control death. (brings out Damon)

Wolf: Oh crap!

Let: Damon!

Damon: ....(his eyes start to glow red)

Saigron: Kill the one you love most Damon

(Vio jumps by Blue)

Blue: Vio? Where have you been?

Vio: we had a lot of demons to fight.

Let: Damon no!

(Damon summons his scythe and proceeds to attack Let)

Let: (tries to avoid Damon's attacks) Damon please! don't do this!

Damon: (still attacks Let) .....

Vio: (Jump in with Let and blows Damon back) Do what you can. I'll help you.

Let: (disapproves but accepts) this doesn't change anything.

Vio: I know

Red: Go primal rage! (kicks Wolf's balls)

(Vio and Let fight together)

Wolf: Arrgh! you idiot I can't!

Ryle: Hey Red! Say something me incredibly racist again!

Wolf: have everyone distract Saigron. I got an idea.

Blue: You stink!

Red: Like Blue!

Blue: Hey!

Ryle: Is that all you got?

Bruce: Want to be fucked after you killed my girl!?

Blue: Wolf! Do it NOW!

Red: White people rule nigger fried chicken

Rapper: (pulls out a picture of an ass) Is that what you looked like when you were an ugly baby!?

Wolf: Shawn, Spark, help out Ryle when he fights Saigron.

Spark: (in Super Saiyan 3) FUCK Yeah!

Shawn: (enters Ice Wolf Mode) It'll be a pleasure!

Bruce: (attacks Saigron) DIE FUCKER!

Rapper: Bruce...?

(Saigron laughs as he swats Bruce back 50 feet)

Rapper: Bruce!

Bruce: (coughs) Grr...

Fox: (Comes to Bruce) bruce control yourself. Fifi wouldn't want you to die like this.

Bruce: Your right. I need to trust myself.

Rapper: Come on. We can do this. (helps Bruce up)

Bruce: Rapper....?

Rapper: Let's do this Bruce.

Wolf: We just need to give it everything we got.

Blue: Alright. Everyone! GET HIM!


(Fox uses Wolf's ninja suit to pick up and throw objects at Saigron)

Saigron: (swats the objects away) Then face me! One last time!

(Raccoon peforms a leap, and uses his sword of destiny to knock Saigron down to the ground)

(Saigron breaks the Sword of Destiny with Bloodlust and smashes The Raccoon in the ground)

Rapper: WOLF! Didn't you like have a PLAN!?

Wolf: Give it all you got.

Damon: (attacks Vio and Let) ......

(Let and Vio work together to keep Damon back)

Vio: As long as we keep this, we'll give the others time enough to defeat Saigron.

Red: Yah! (jumps behind Damon and stabs him behind the back)

Damon: Really. (grabs Red and throws him to a wall as his back regenerates)

(Darla peaks from behind a tree.)

Spark: Hey Lone Wolf!

Wolf: What?

Spark: Do you know the game Final Fantasy?

Wolf: Of course, who doesn't?

Spark: Can you hand me that buster sword?

Wolf: Where is it?

Spark: I mean can you pull out one!

Wolf: Oh! uh... no i can't.

Spark: But I thought you can pull any kind of weapon!

Wolf: Lets just say I can't right now. This is why you always bring your own weapons,

Blue: GUYS! A little help here!?

Spark: Right! (enters Super Saiyan 3 and teleports to Blue)

Bruce: (sighs) What can we do..?

Rapper: Dude! If we defeat Saigron! Fifi will come back to life!

Bruce: But HOW do we defeat him!

Red: I'm sure we all want to know Asshole!!

Wolf: If you have a gun shoot Saigron, If you have powers fight him. Luckily i always carry a pistol

Blue: Everyone! Fire your guns at Saigron!

(Rapper fires a mini-gun at Saigron)


Wolf: Shoot his face to distract him.

(everyone fires their guns at his face)

Spark: I don't have guns!


(Spark pulls out his guitar and shoots lightning at Saigron)

(Damon notices the others and proceeds to charge at them)

Red: (fires a laser at Damon, sending him back)

Let and Vio use their powers to keep Damon away from the others)

Wolf: Ryle, Shawn. Kick Saigron's ass! We'll keep aiming at his face.

Ryle: (engulfs in a large flame) FUCK YEAH!!!

Shawn: (grows out claws) We'd be glad to! (they both attack Saigron)

Blue: I think we can beat him.

Spark: You do?

Fox: if we keep distracting Saigron while Ryle, Shawn, and Spark, keep fighting him. we could beat him

Bruce: Let's do it! (fires shotgun at Saigron)

Saigron: (sees he is being overpowered and is about to lose it all) NO! ENOUGH!!!

(Saigron reveals his scarred eye and unleashes both a dark fog and a shadow of darkness to drown out the light. This causes to drain everyone's energy both good and evil while draining half of his own)

Blue: (coughs) Red: (groans) Shit.

Lord Tourettes: We're FUCKED!!

Chapter 8: The Final Battle

Fox: (Looks around) Wolf? Where are you?

Spark: (coughs) Can't see!

Raccoon: Did he just reave us?

(The darkness leaves and Saigron stands before everyone)

Shawn: Damn it!

Rapper: We're dead now.

Saigron: worthless beings. don't you see i am beyond destruction? All your pathetic attempts to stop me have failed. All you loved ones that i have taken will suffer just in my new wolrd. Your deaths however will not come once, but many times after I have revived you to die again in gruesome ways. (Saigron grabs Fox) Saigron: Since Wolf isn't here to die. You shall take his place.

Fox: Wolf...

Ryle: He has your goddman lady friend!

Blue: You fucking retard! Wolf isn't even here! Where did he go!? Fox's in trouble.

Red: NO!! NOT FOX!! What about my boobies!?

(Saigron is about to stab Fox until he sees a shadow fall over him and turn around in time to stab Wolf in his attempt to jump on Saigron to stab him)

Red: WOLF!!!

Blue: NOO!!

Saigron: (laughs) So this is it. This is when I take your power for my own and use you as the angel of death to create my own judgement day.

Fox: Wolf! what were you thinking!

Wolf: What i hoped what i was thinking.

Saigron: And what was that?

Wolf: That you would do something to weaken yourself to notice that I no longer posses powers, skills, knowledge, or my soul so you can harvest it.

(Saigron found out he did't notice Wolf was right)

Saigron: What have you done?

Wolf: I made a wild guess if you tried to absorb someone completely empty, It would act as a way to release the souls you have taken... and I have just opened the door.

Saigron: DAMN YOU WOLF!!!

Pink: Wh- what happened?

Stacy: I felt dead.

Wolf: Whats the matter? Can't kill me know since i am already dying?

(Wolf starts to cough out blood)

Blue: Wolf......

Saigron: (Throws Wolf off his sword to the ground as he feels the power he took from the ones he killed leave him) Impossible!

Earl Grey: I say Gerald, I am never working for Saigron again!

Gerald Butler: You said it.

Fox: Why us? You know you can't fight Saigron without him controlling you.

Lad: You need us to help you defeat him!

Shock: For once, the big one's got a fucking point.

Dark Doom: Very well then. We'll help you, but only until he's dead.

Saigron: (Laughs) You can't kill a god.

Red: Of course we can. Besides you've lost most of your powers asshole!

Blue: And your no god at all!

(Rapper walks in front of the group)

Rapper: Come on everyone! This douche has destroyed everything! Are we going to kill him and avenge Wolf!?

Everyone: Yeah!


Everyone: YEAH!!!

Rapper: THEN ATTACK!!! (raises sword)

(everyone charges at Saigron)

(Saigron manages to keep everyone at a distance from his attacks for a while and use what ever power he had left)

(Dark Doom prepares to fire a purple dark ball at Saigron)

Blue: WAIT! Don't do it or Saigron will get stronger!

Dark Doom: (growls) Fine.

Foully: (Flew in Saigron's face to shit on him for a distraction) Eat fucking bird shit!

Spark: (fires lightning balls from his guitar) Eat lightning dipshit!

(while Saigron is distracted, Bruce jumps on him. Everyone proceeds to attack him)

(Ryle punches Saigron in the face)

(Bruce repeatedly punches Saigron's face)

(Rapper fires his shotgun at Saigron)

(Red flies around Saigron shooting lasers at him)

(Emily shits on him while laughing like crazy)

Let: Sith don't like to be betrayed! (uses the force to levitate her lightsabers to attack Saigron)

Broseph: Meh what the heck. (kicks Saigron)

(Fresko scratches at Saigron's face. Madelene & Scarlet throw knives at him. Midnight Blaze whacks him with her skateboard while Kari bites his leg. Auburn & Indigo fire their shotguns at him.)

Wednesday & ??? (Darla): (charge at Saigron) TAKE THIS!

(??? fires all element beams at him and Wednesday finally jabs him with her taser, electrifying him.)

(Emily whacks him in the stomach with her spiked bat multiple times)

(Saigron unleashes a short blast around him to give him room to attack again)

Red: God damn it!

Shock: Alright villains, I think It's time we used our powers on him.

Shawn: WAIT! You DO know that dark powers heal Saigron!

Blue: As long as Dark Doom doesn't use his dark powers on him.

Shawn: Good.

(Shock and Jackal fly above Saigron)

(Fox and Lad move to flank Saigron)

Dark Doom: You may not die, but will surely send you back to hell.

Saigron: Not if I take one of you with me!

Ryle: Hey Fox! Can I kick his ass!?

Fox: Me first! (uses the cyborgs suit to run at blurring speed to rush and slash Saigron repeatedly)

(Raccoon slashes Saigron several times with his sword of destiny)

(Lad takes his turn after Raccoon with his enchanted sword)

Spark Don't mind If I jump in! (transforms his guitar into a buster sword and rushes at Saigron at supersonic blurring speed, slashing Saigron rapidly with him)

(Vio and Let combine their lightsaber strikes with force push and lightning in a tag team combo)

Shock: You die. (several lightning blasts attack Saigron)

(Ken and Nisa join the battle and does Twin Link to their own tag team combo)

Red: GET HIM! (Everyone performs one final attack on Saigron.)

(Vio and Let combine their lightsaber strikes with force push and lightning in a tag team combo)

(Fresko, Madelene, Scarlet, Midnight Blaze, Kari, Auburn, and Indigo charge and repeatedly kick, punch, shoot, and stab Saigron.)

???: (as the others attack) (to Wednesday) I say we bring Miss Uni-Trav back. Should we?

Wednesday: Please.

(??? sneezes and falls to the ground off-screen. When she gets back up, Darla is back to normal.)

Darla: Let's do this; for our best friends and loved ones.

Wednesday: You got it!

(Darla prepares to fire an electric beam at Saigron.) Wednesday: Hold on. (Wednesday turns on her taser and uses it on the beam to give it more power and grow bigger.)

Darla: Ooh! Excellent!

(Wednesday & Darla glare at Saigron.)

Darla: Alright douche...

Wednesday: If you ever attack us again...

Wednesday & Darla: WE'LL CUT YOU TO PIECES! (Wednesday & Darla fire their beam directly in the center of Saigron's chest.)

Saigron: (kneels in near defeat) This isn't over... this will never be over... The first person I kill when I return... is Wolf. (escapes to Hell)

Red: WHOO!

Blue: We did it!

Rapper: Oh yeah and that's why we're awesome.


Fox: i'm just glad it's finally over.

Bruce: Well Rapper?

Rapper: Hey Bruce, I'm sorry for being such an asshole all this time. To be honest, you were my true friend.

Bruce: (touched) Really?

Rapper: (nods) Yeah.

Bruce: It's all good dude. You don't have to apologise.

Rapper: So we cool?

Bruce: Yeah. (gasps) Fifi?

(Fifi was lying on the ground)

Bruce: Fifi.... (starts to cry) It's my fault your gone.

Rapper: Bruce, I'm so sorry.

Bruce: (sighs) Fifi. (begins to walk away sadly)

Fifi: (wakes up and yawns) Good morning.

Bruce: Fi- Fifi? Your okay!?

Fifi: I was sleeping like a fish.

Bruce: Oh thank god!

Fifi: (Hugs Bruce) My Taco!

Bruce: Taco? Does that mean-?

(Rapper nods at Bruce)

Bruce: Fifi. My Taco. (hugs her back)

Fifi: Eeee. I'm as happy as a moon in water.

Pink: Blue! We did it! (hugs him tightly)

Blink: We did it Daddy!

Blue: I know, I'm just glad you two are safe.

Stacy: Hey Red, I saw pretty lights.

Red: No shit.

Earl Grey: Gerald, have you been wandering where Darla is?

Auburn: (kneels down next to Darla) So, I’m guessing you need a rehash of what was going on?

Wednesday: (kneels down) No need to, actually. (puts a hand on Darla’s shoulder) She and that demon share memories now that the demon is inside her.

Darla: Actually, uhh…

Wednesday: What?

Darla: The demon’s gone now. I can’t feel her presence anymore… Wait… (excited) That’s a good thing!

Indigo: So, she’s normal again?

Wednesday: I… (smiles) I think so.

Auburn: Thank God. I didn't like her.

Darla: Neither did I for a while.

Wednesday: But...she helped us...I think that's all that matters...

(Darla, Auburn, & Indigo look at her before smiling and nodding in agreement.)

Auburn: Uhh, Indi?

Indigo: Hmm?

Auburn: (hands her a small box) Here. I meant to give you this at Putain Délicieux.

Indigo: What is it?

Auburn: You’ll see.

(Indigo excitedly opens the box. Inside, there is a wrapped chocolate shaped like a heart.)

Auburn: You like it? I wanted to give it to you on V-day, but—

Indigo: Oh Auburn. I love it! (hugs him tightly) Happy Belated Valentine’s Day, sweetie! (kisses him on the cheek)

Charlotte: That's it! I'm locking myself in my house forever!

Madelene: (walks up to her) Absolutely not!

Charlotte: I was just kidding! Gosh!

(Scarlet peacefully eats some crisp bacon.)

Kari: (squeals in delight) (Japanese) Otouto! Rei-chan! You're back! (squeeze hugs Katorou)

(Katorou and Rei come back. Kari jumps in joy around Katorou while Rapper and Rei reunite.)

(Katorou is trying to breathe while being hugged.)

(Broseph comes back and Wednesday hugs him)

Broseph: Babe. I was possessed.

Wednesday: I...I understand... (about to cry)

(Darla watches them from a distance while crying, either from happiness or depression.)

Broseph: Say Wednesday. THIS sounds a little awkward but I got something special to tell and give you.

Wednesday: Hmm...?

(Darla listens carefully.)

Broseph: (pulls a red box out) Here ya go Baby.

Wednesday: (takes it) What's this?

Darla: (whispers) That's...

(Wednesday opens it, finding a ring with a black rose. Making Wednesday know what Broseph was asking her. Wednesday chuckles softly and kisses him on the lips as her way of saying "yes".)

Darla: (wipes away her tears) Congratulations... Well... (pulls out a sheet of paper) that makes two best friends happy...

(On the paper, there is a list of the names of Darla's five best friends. With a pen, she crosses out Broseph & Wednesday's names.)

Holly: (gasps) Steve! Your alive! (hugs him)

(Auburn & Indigo both smile at them.)

Holly: I hope you can forgive me!

Steve: Of course I do. So there's something I wanted to ask you-

Holly: It's cool. I know you were asking me that before you almost died. Of course I'll marry you! (kisses Steve's lips)

Indigo: Aww.

(Maroon comes back)

Broseph: Pfft, I liked it when he was dead.

Maroon: (grins) Ah, what can ya do?

(Darla uses levitation on a large tree branch to crush Maroon.)

Darla: There you go.

Earl Grey: Darla. There you are! Confound that stupid Saigron! I am NEVER working with him again!

Gerald Butler: Agreed.

Darla: (pissed off) (slaps both of them) It's about bloody time you two came to that conclusion! (smiles) And that's good, because now I don't have to worry about "her" anymore. Now, I'm just glad you're back and Bro-Bro & Wednesday are happy. (hugs Earl Grey)

(Up in the trees, ??? is watching them while they're not looking.)

???: Correct, Darla. I am not YOU or your friends' problem anymore. You got what you wanted. GB & EG are back, and the douche proposed to the goth chick. Instead, I will become every immoral bastard's problem. (as the ends of her hair slither) All the gory pleasure in the world belongs to me, or my name is not Homicidal motherfucking Darkling! (teleports away while laughing maniacally)

Jackal: I will kill you all later on my own decision and will (teleports away)

Dark Doom: Same here. (teleports away)

Shock: I'll be back. (flies away)

(a few other characters come out)

Trollz0r: (brought back to life) Wow man, I was in game over world.

Red: Yeah, no shit!

(Madelene hugs Trollz0r)

Madelene: I'm so glad you're alright!

Trollz0r: (Aww Yea Face) You diiiid?

Madelene: You bet.

Charlotte: (goes in between them) Alright, that's enough right there.

(Jess comes out from the battle coughing)

Jess: I don't want to be possessed ever again... (coughs weakly)

(Spark walks away almost tired from the fight)

Spark: (pants) Man! That was ONE epic fight right there.

Jess: (coughs) S- Spark...?

Spark: (turns back) Jess!?

(Jess coughs more and almost passes out)

Spark: Jess! (runs to her)

(Jess coughs out some blood)

Spark: Oh crap! I gotta get you to a hospital!

(later, Spark waits outside the hospital with Jess no where in sight)

Spark: I wonder if she's still mad after what happened out there

(Jess walks out the door with a few band aids and bandages on her body)

Jess: Spark?

Spark: Yeah Jess?

Jess: (breathes in) Spark, I'm sorry I yelled at you before.

Spark: What!? But I was the one who le-

Jess: No, I was wrong, your always there for me and I know that if you remembered, you would definitely come protect me, right?

Spark: Yeah, I would.

Jess: And I know you were too busy protecting your friends but your right... There's more to others than me, you have friends and friendship is one of the most important things in life.

Spark: I know that too!

Jess: (nods slowly) Yeah...

Spark: So your forgiving me?

Jess: Of course I am Spark.

Spark: Wow, thanks. (blushes) And I kinda want to do something for you also.

Jess: What is it?

(Spark kneels down and opens a box with a ring in it)

Spark: Will you marry me?

Jess: (looks into Spark's eyes and takes the box from him) Oh my god Spark....

Spark: (speaks in head) C'mon....

Jess: Spark, this is just beautiful... Yes! YES! Spark! I will marry you!

Spark: YES!

Jess: (giggles) Come on, let's head back to the others.

Spark: Yeah.

(Spark and Jess walks to the others)

Rapper: Good to see Rei's okay.

(Let was crossing her arms looking at Damon)

Damon: (sighs) I know what your thinking.

Let: That I owe you an apology for making you join Saigron and getting you killed?

Damon: Yes. How'd you know that?

Let: (Looks away) I'm a sith. I don't apologize.

Damon: Alright.

Let: (gives Damon a deep kiss) But i do bribe.

Emily: Broseph Pie!!!

(Broseph #2 hugs Emily)

Broseph #2: Of course I'm alright bacon pie.

Emily: EEE!!! He called me Bacon! (faints)

Blue: Well the war's over. How do we celebrate?

Rapper: Let's go get drunk at Drunken Bear Tavern!

Spark: So looks like everyone's safe and sound. Only one thing to do. (summons a dragon) Ancient Lightning Dragon Spirit! I SUMMON YOU!!! (a gigantic lightning dragon spirit came out of Spark within)

(shows everyone at Drunken Bear Tavern)

Red: Huh, I wonder where Wolf went?

Fox: (looks around) Wolf?

Blue: Wait! Didn't he die!?

Fox: (Runs out looking for Wolf) Wolf? (no respones) WOLF!? (Teary) I can't find Wolf!

Stacy: Wait, Wolf isn't here? I was waiting for him in a room i paid for all this time.

Wednesday: Do you think he's out killing people again?

Darla: (grunts) He better not!

Wolf: (Sits against a tree on a cliff and talks to himself) Thanks Damon. (looks to his wound still bleeding) But i am only the shell of what I was. I without my soul, I can't be healed. (looks to the sky) Well at least I proved I could sacrifice myself for everyone. This is the end of the Wolf... The Lone Wolf... who dies alone. (dies looking up to the sky)



  • Director: YoshiRocker13
  • Writers: YoshiRocker13, Alpha-Lonewolf, CookieEyes, Fluffydragonpuppy, Mdkid663, PinkBoy.
  • All DF Characters Credit: Ed Skudder, Zack Keller.

DICK FIGURES: FANONS UNITE, A 2014 fan-written movie.

(It then cuts to Red and Blue watching the whole thing on TV)

Red: Holy shit dude...



Blue: All those action scenes and drama just felt so good to be in this movie!

Red: I'd even say this was better than our other movie!

Blue: Fuck yeah!

Red: (starts to calm down) Yeah, it was...

Blue: Yeah...

Red: ...Dude?

Blue: What?

Red: I'm bored.


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