Blink of Deja Vu
Air date 22-10-2013
Written by Alpha-Lonewolf & YoshiRocker13
Directed by Alpha-Lonewolf
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 Wolf thinks it's time for Blink to man up and defend himself from the bullies. Will this work for Blink?


(Blue drops Blink off at school in his car)

Blink: Bye Daddy!

Blue: Bye Blink! Have fun! (drives off)

(later, it is recess time as all the kids come out to play on the playground)

Blink: (goes down slide) Whee! This is fun! 

Bully: looks like we have a new kid here.

Blink: (giggles) No, I've been here for 3 weeks!

Bully 2: Well then you should know we don't allow shrimps like you on our slide.

(more bullies come out)

Blink: (panicking) Uh, I mean no trouble!

Bully 3: (pushes Blink against a fence) Well you shouldn't have came to this school loser.

(Bullies surround Blink)

Blink: (starts to cry) P- Please don't hurt me!

Wolf: (On the other side of the fence) Oh suck it up kid. prove your a man so they don't bother you anymore.

Blink: Oh- Okay! (pushes Bully) Don't be a meanie!

(the others push Blink to the ground)

Wolf: Sorry kid, i guess some kids just don't have it.

(Blink starts to cry while the bullies begin kicking and hurting him)

Wolf: (about to leave) Tell me how it all come out later.

Bully: Look, he’s gonna cry like a big baby.

(Wolf stops as he heard those words)

Bully 2: Cry baby! Cry baby!

(Wolf's mind is flooded with memories of his own childhood)

Blink: (crying) Someone help me!

Bully 3: Let make him cry and let him die.

(just as the first bully is about to kick Blink, a hand crushes the bully's head like a grape)

Blink: H- Huh?

(shows Wolf still holding on to what is left of the bully's head)

Wolf: Some things just won't change. let me fix that

(Wolf sets the last two bullies on fire)

Blink: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Did you need to kill them??

Wolf: If i was correct, history would have repeated itself with you and those kids.

Blink: (hugs Wolf) Thank you for saving me! Wolf: Don't tell your parents this happened... or anyone else for that matter. let's just say that I don't want to see a repeat of myself again.

Blink: Okay.

Wolf: you need to learn how to defend yourself kid.

Blink: I will.

Pink: (calls from off-screen) Blink! Time to go home!

Blink: (waves to Wolf) Bye! And thanks again!

Wolf: Don't mention it... ever.

Blink: Hey mommy?

Pink: Yes darling?

Blink: Could you teach me how to defend myself?

Pink: (shocked) Uh, let's save that for another day sweetie.


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