Babysitting Fail
Jesse pointing her gun at Red
Written by Steffanyane
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Jesse is calling Blue on the phone

Jesse: Hey Blue.

Blue: Hey. What's up?

Jesse: Can you and Red come over here and babysit my siblings? I have errands to do.

Blue: No thanks. Umm... kind of busy...

Jesse: How desperate are you for money?


Blue: We'll be there.

Jesse hung up the phone

Blue: (to Red) Hey, wanna go to Jesse's?

Red: What? That bitch? No way!

Blue: Hey. She's my friend. And you still owe me rent.

Red: Why don't you take the money we got from Sal Sagev?

Blue: You wasted it all in Las Vegas remember?

Red: Oh yeah... Well here's ten dollars.

Gives Blue the dollar

Blue: Okay... Well, we're still going.

Back in Jesse's house, there was a knock and Jesse answered the door.

Jesse: Hey, Blue. thanks for accepting my invite.

Red: Yeah! (charges into the house)

Jesse: So anyway, these are Jo and Roy.

Jo and Roy: Hey.

Jesse: Red, you babysit them. You have to pay your rent.

Red: Sweet. More kids.

Jesse looks suspiciously at Red.

Jesse: Blue, you can do whatever you want here.

Blue: Cool.

Red: What? Why can he do anything?

Jesse: Well he doesn't owe anything. Gotta go. Bye.

Slams door shut.


Jesse opens the door.

Jesse: I'm home! Got the new game. Hey Blue. What happened here?

Blue: (Playing with XCUBE 5000) Red and the kids were quiet the whole time.

Jesse: That doesn't sound like Red...

Gunshot sound

Jesse: What was that?

Jesse runs to the room. Sees Jo and Roy with guns shooting a target and missing.

Jesse: Red? What the hell did you just let them do?

Red: What? Use guns? You do it too.

Jesse: Yeah... And you let kids do it.

Jo: What's the problem?

Roy: We didn't hit anybody!

Jesse: You might have and you know what happens?

Jo and Roy: No...

Jesse: This.

Jesse shoots Red in the arm

Red: Hey, What the fuck!?

Jesse: That's what happens.

Red and Jesse came out of the room

Blue:(Still playing the game) So what happened?

Jesse: Remember what happened in Camp Redwood?

Blue: Yeah?

Jesse: Well he used some guns again.

Blue: Get used to it.

Jesse: Yeah. Whatever. Anyway, here's 200 bucks. (gives money to Blue)

Red: Hey, what do I get?

Jesse: Here's a copy of the new game.

Red: Sick.

Red started to leave and Blue follows him. Jesse closes the door.

Jo: They seemed to be nice...

Episode Ends

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